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xXxLittle Darlings Book ReviewxXx Jacqueline Wilson

By Tia xxxXxLittle Darlings Book ReviewxXxJacqueline Wilson

Little Darlings

ReviewI thinks Little Darlings should be four stars . I think this because I like how each chapter switches from one character to another. I also like the plot, it is about a poor girl whose mother decides that they should go see a rock star who is supposed to be her father. Destiny , the girl , soon finds out that she has a twin sister, Sunset. Sunset writes songs and Destiny sings. However Sunsets little sister , Sweetie , is chosen to be on a show called Little Darlings , but it all goes wrong when Sweetie doesn't want to do the show, Sunset is chosen but she cant sing who else could be in the spot light ............? I think the thing that holds the book back from 5 stars is the fact that the ending doesn't explain a lot , but other then that the book is fantastic. I would recommend this to a friend. I would also recommend it to GIRLS.