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Get Yahoo Mail for Free in Outlook without paying for the Premium service.


  • Get Yahoo! Mail in Outlook
    How to get Yahoo! Mail in Outlook 2007 for Free and without the Premium account?
    Anurag Bansal
    It is easy. Install latest YPOPS! From the location mentioned below (Or seach for YPOPS! and you will get thousands of other locations to download from):
    Configure YPOPS! And Outlook as mentioned in this slide show.
    This is important to use the mentioned IP address
    Most of the default setting will work. So you will not have to do anything in fact.
    Write the name you want to show to your contacts when sending mails from this account.
    Your user id on Yahoo.
    Outlook Configuration
    Go to Tools->Account Settings->Add New Account
    Select Microsoft POP3, IMAP and HTTP access and use manual configuration.
    Enter the required Yahoo! account details.
    Use the Ports as mentioned under Advanced settings. Say OK. You are done.
    Further if you want, you can set the rules to put all the mails from your Yahoo! Id to move to particular folder for easy navigation else you are all set to get your Yahoo! mails from your FREE Yahoo! Account your Outlook Inbox without even paying for the Subscription service.
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