yakima herald (yakima, wash.) 1899-09-14 [p ] tion of local

Yakima herald (Yakima, Wash.) 1899-09-14 [p ] 

tion of Local
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  • mam appointments Conservative Element of the

    Islands Selected.


    Inaurgrntl Tatlng til* Chlin>»«"—Ques- tion of Local r to drop his prey about 100 feet fiom the houßß where the child was picked up dead, ' her lie k having been broken. The newi spread ove; the settlement, an

    , Itatnplng out the fever are not Tery encouraging.

    Evidence la All In. RetuiPß. ti«pt. 9.—Today crime the

    bpiiinniiiK of the end of ill" Dreyfus ttiiL Will) th» Hpeech of the govern- ment commissary. Major Carrier*, the fiiHi' entered BpOB the final ataxa of pleadings, ami the verdict will be de- livered Monday.

    Colonel .I'm. 11 —ie this morning took the most important decision yet taken, and took it entirely upon his own re- sponsibility, although he is undoubted-

    I ly only the mouth piece of the whole [ body of judges. His decision to ex- clndo the testimony of Colonels Schwarzkoppen mid I'anizzardi was most significant, us it meant that the court hud already reached a conclusion, nnd that the pleadings of counsel were merely a waste of time, and might be dispensed with if they were not a ne- cessity.

    The couit has made, up its mind, hut which way? This in the view point and forms the solu topic of discussion. Both sides me equally confident that the court will decide in accordauoe with their views.

    No 4 .iii.il liepoi l- Washington, Sept 8. — Emory B.Johnson, a niemelir of the NlOirSgtl

    .•innil commission, says that no formal report can ho presented for at least a year. This will mean no action by the next I'niijreHf, which was evidently the intention of those who prevented any definite legislation at tlie last session. It ii Mid that : ii" administration is not concerning itself voiy much about the lapse of rights ami concessions of the United States government, because congress haH had opportunity to act nnd failed, and the responsibility, if there should be no further ConccsMon obtained, will not be upon the admin- istration. Meanwhile, where favorable negotiations can bo forwarded, our state department will give the canal favorable attention.

    Upton Mll Biiy I.Hkei of X ill»l-ti*j. New York, Sept. B. —A dispatch to

    the Journal and Advertiser from Lon- don says:

    Ainiouoncemoiit was made here to- day that Sir Thomas Lipton has ottered |560,000 for the lakes of Killarney. If his offer is accepted he intends to make a present of the beautiful estate to the Irish people. It is his intention l< vest the title of the property in th< hands of trustees who will forevei maintain and preserve it as Iritjh n.i tional property.

    Sir TliomaH l.ipton was asked last night, on hoard his steam yacht Erin, now anchored inside Sandy Hook, whether tlie report from London was correct, and he continued tho report.

    Atiii*xwtlon I'l. ,-«\u25a0- llawitll. Seattle, Sept. it.—Prince David Wsi-Nvanakon, of Honolulu, who in on hie

    way to Washington to visit his aunt, i-vVui'i'ti Lillnokalajii, pays:

    "Annexation is a decided succens. i Of course trom a sentimental view, the

    native Hawaii*!) (Mis like a man with- out a couutrv just n< w, but that feel- ing will wear away. We want the president to appoint our governor and ins cabinet and let the people elect their legislature. When this is done, there will be no cause for complaint.

    ! Annexation has done great things for the Hawaiian islands. The country never was so prosperous before."

    To Olimitr tVtiimi;)- Bllltl. Chicago, Sept. 9.—The Rock Island :

    ! Railway Company hag issued instrm:- tiom to all its conductors that hereaf- ter no person is to lie put off a trian on account of defective transportation or | foi other teasons where tlu're is the slightest doubt in favor of the pasnen- ! Ker, or until the train man ha 9received \ ejectment orders from the executive officers in charge at Chicago.

    When a forged or mutilated ticket or paps is found, tin conductor is to take Dp the same and wire for instructions, j Of oourse the order does not cover j tramps stealing lidea noi other cases of flagrant deception,

    "»'\u25a0 of the it.-ii,.in.l« of ji\u0084.iii-:un Chicago, Sept. 9.—Spanish is to he

    taught in three of Chicago's high ' schools. This was decided upon by the

    members of the boa id of education ln-l night. The matter came up in the finin of a report from the high school committee recommending that Spanish be taught in the north, eoutli ami west division high school*.

    Chicago is the flret city to make p o- visions in the public school system for the teaching of Spanish.

    HSTFDS IS FOm HIT 3ourt-Martial Sentenced Him

    for Ten Years in Prison.


    r»rm of Solitary riMiflnrmint Alrfurty NrrTrit Mill < "1111 l \u25a0\u25a0• llflllble, m..l Krl**»4« Will CfMTM Huon.

    Rennes, Sept. 12.—The expected lia« I:appened. Dreyfus has ban ton- irnim-ii. The com t found him guilty

    \u25a0ml Hi'ntiMii't"! liim t 10 jmtt' deten- tioi). As he bat already Miftered live fmn' (solitary imprisonment, winch DOUUtI us doulde niiliiiiiry detention, !im will be released at the and ol a fort- night* In tin* uieiiiitiiiiiic, unless the pTCMilcnt of tliu republic, pardona him, Uieyfus will have, to be ilagtadad here \u25a0Rain within tight days.

    Though a majority of ;i: . \u25a0•\u25a0 in thu mtruoiu tins afternoon fully aißWt* I the verdict, they were coinpluiely

    itnptfiad when it wai givan ( and th« vilence which prevailed in tbo room mid the war nan IvnMd p:tl


    lv •\u25a0!\u25a0!'. i-. Nf>|cl«i-I lo **< iti. It IniHiie Mm 11.- Kill. 11...,

    Xl P«K>, Tex., Sept. 11. —Newi liasreached hern from Chihuahua, Mexico, of tile teirililHdeed of a hniatio them a few diivn since. Last Tuesday a crazy mail created a disturbance among the people in the plaza, lie attacked un AOMliean with a heavy billet of wood, hut the Aiiieiiian knocked down his Batailant with a walking cane. Tliu police uriived quickly and poon over- powered the lunatic and took him off to jail.

    They locked him in a large cell, where l"i other prisonerh weie confined, and neglected to search him for wea- pons. It loot) developed that the liina- '.lo l.a I a long knife concealed on his person, and drawing it he. begun Mush- ing right and left at his unai:i)ed cell- mates. Two of them were killed and a third fatally wonndad before the guards lushed in aud disarmed the lunatic.

    It is reported that the insane man will be shot for his crime.

    MeiTitt SUlfil r.ir the 111 Illpplnfia. New York, Sept. 11.—A special dis-

    patch to Uiu Journal and Advertiser tajrai

    After 48 hoard of almost constant diMUHton iiiiiniiK tlie pteeident, Becte* tary Hoot, i'rofensor Scbotma, Sena- tot Ueveridye, (iuneral Hilet and Ad- jutant-IJeneiul Coibin, it may be stated positively that Qeneial Merritl will yo to t lie I'b.ilippines.

    No statement is made as to what po- sition General Mi-rntt tl to assume, but it is | mi ;—A special to the Record from WubingtOfl Kays: Nel- Mm A. Milch, gaiMMl com maud Ing il.h army, will §o to tlie Pbilippinat to di- rect the military operations during the approaching campaign. This Htate- inent. while not auli.nriz.-l hy any an- iioiiiii-'fini'iit from the prMidrat or tho MClStarf of IU, is made upon the nil- thorny of one of the ofliceii of the de- paitujfUt.


    lo l>iii|iii«tin(('linnfs »rr«ii. o»rral Itiiblh*hi.

    I; (• Dun A CD.'t mwAif ipview of t r:« 1 w MJI

    The iky - Millrlonc!!p»«i mul no dis- quieting almttfa him mini during Ilia week. In lpit« nf mute, warlike i \u25a0 \* .i.e.it Souih Afii.a, iln> bank of Kun- I ii : hehavco hk il the norst posfilile hi' Imm'ii fully pnivili'.l for, uml in I'ountry bM no rouron lo (far tionlila (nun that xoiiiie unlrfd Kfi||liall inai- kfla Imvo tii'pn kii ovtTloiiilcil ho t" ni'ivl litlp Tn» niarki'lnn; of iloiiipctic pro- \u25a0i iii>. both farm mul iiianufac tiiiml, roiitiime* -'.I |i: i«ii j; v ir;» for the MMOB. The new posachniuiiß, t;iken tuKt'llii'l,uip ri'tiirni ilk; in revenue .il- M'li.lv moro than it conta to clrun hiiil po\eru t: •\u25a0in Thu Wml vii I South

    \u25a0 till hf',:iv.. ufl if it won 1.1 he inipuiti- nent for New York to offer money for orop \u25a0•Ting, iiih! vi« tlill bidOlMfl fur cnmnionMrtl louhh lifih Knilurm am f»w iiinl eti ikuH scatct> mill renilily Het- tlud, ami the pMMg* n' St'ptKiiibcr 4 without prCMSta means roasonal>l« Rafi'tT for month* nhcail.

    After a sharp doclino wliPßt Imn rixen '.! cent this week, witli Atlantic •\u25a0• porn a,000,mi6 kMbslay floor Iveiodml, MgaiUKt 2,825,100 liunlu-K l.i-i veil, anJ I.ii i ii' exportH, IMitM bushels, \u25a0galnM IM,IMliddlh-In last year.

    Coru lins iiIso takt-n a ItaM uinvnni, ii-'m.' l4of a rent with ex|>oita of 1,061,Mg b«h«k, BfsiMt t,411,0M liuHlit>ls !:i«i year.

    The wool nuirket if) much lens notiva thun of Util, with caloß of only Si,2tis,- -ano poiitnU ut u.i< chief markets, moil* ly territory, ami whiln priitit nro Mi IT, manufaoturt'rs aro huvin^ only (or Im-

    [ mi' li.iti> neeilhi. Kailurua foi tlm week liave bopii IH3

    in tlm Unite.l NtatM, agftllMl U!t I.ihl year, and 30 in Canada. agtlMl !'• laat year.


    \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0••liitiMl MHrkot.

    Wheat—Walla WulU, MftWoi Valley, tiOi.itilc; BluMflß, KOitftHo per tmsliel.

    Flour—llcßt gradw, $H.25; jrralnini, $••;\u25a0\u25a0>. superfine, |*.10 |ifr barrel.

    Oals— Cbolo* white. H7(

    dairy ITOSOO ranch, 13' a

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