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  • Yamaha News,ENG,No.1,2008,3,3,Frontier 2020,Yamahas vision for the future,Up Front,Frontier 2020,Creating new value and developing markets with Frontier spirit,Yamahas vision for 2020,Four Frontiers,Challenges for Four Frontiers,New medium-term management plan: 2008-2010,The goal of the 3-year plan,Motorcycle Business Increasing worldwide unit sales to 7.78 million in 2010,Marine Business Strengthening each product division,ATV, SSV Business Improving profitability and expanding sales,IM (Intelligent Machinery) Business Strengthening product competitiveness,For further growth and value creation,The Yamaha Tales - Vol. 9,Promoting the Yamaha brand and nurturing world-class teams YAMAHA ASEAN CUP RACE,YAMAHA ASEAN CUP RACE,Malaysia,The Yamaha Tales - Vol. 10,Popular acclaim for the revolutionary 4-wheeler chassis Performance Damper,Performance Damper,Racing Express,Revving up for the 2008 race season,Racing,MotoGP,Fiat Yamaha Team,Valentino Rossi,YZR-M1,Reed leads ranking on a hot streak,World Superbike Championship,Tech3 Yamaha Team,Jorge Lorenzo,YZF-R1,7th victory for Arnaud Demeester in the Enduro du Touquet,World Supersport Championship,Yamaha Motor Italia WSB Team,Colin Edwards,YZ450FM,On the rise, Taylor grabs 4th in Round 4,World Motocross Championship MX1,Yamaha Team YZF,James Toseland,YZ450F,AMASupercross Motocross Championship,Yamaha GMT94,Noriyuki Haga,YZ250F,Enduro du Touquet,Yamaha World Supersport Team,Troy Corser,FX Nytro,WSPA Power Sports Snowmobile Tour,Yamaha Team Italia Lorenzini by Leoni,Shinichi Nakatomi,Yamaha Motocross Team,Sebastien Gimbert,Yamaha Factory Supercross/Motocross Team,David Checa,L&M Racing Supercross Team,Broc Parkes,Yamaha Motor France Ipone Team,Fabien Foret,Yamaha Factory Snocross Team,Massimo Roccoli,Yamaha Minocqua Racing,Josh Coppins,David Philippaerts,Grant Langston,Josh Hill,Broc Hepler,Chad Reed,Nathan Ramsey,Arnaud Demeester,Steve Taylor,Cory Davis,Yuji Nakazawa,World Topics,10 millionth motorcycle milestone reached in Indonesia,Motorcycle,PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing,Indonesia,PT. Yamaha Motor Manufacturing West Java,Thai Yamaha Motor enhances Labor Standard with TLS8001-2003,CSR,Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.,Thailand,Latin American Yamaha marine distributor meeting,Marine,Mexico,Los Cabos,YMMEX holds 17th Dealer Meeting,Dealer Meeting,Yamaha Motor de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.,BWs Concept Model,The 3rd CSR Meeting in Asia,Opening of new workshops celebrated,S.A.T. Lda.,Manuel Inocncio,Republic of Cape Verde,YRA held in three Caribbean island nations,The Caribbean Region,Yamaha Riding Academy,Customer meeting held for NGO clients,Yamaha-Prodimpex Customer Meet,Democratic Republic of the Congo,Thai Yamaha Motor wins Marketing Award 2007,Gold Award of the Marketing Association of Thailand,Born to beDifferent,New model FZ150i unveiling and MotoGP fan event,Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd.,FZ150i,Malaysia,Traffic Safety Contest held for college students in Hanoi,Traffic Safety Contest,Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd.,Vietnam,Chongqing Jianshe Yamaha receives citys Outstanding Contribution Award,Chongqing Jianshe Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.,Zhou Xiaohang,China,ISDE 2007, six days of international enduro,La Serena ISDE Championship,Team Yamaha-Italy,Nicolas Urrutia,Chile,WR450F,Franco Caimi,Cristobal Urrutia,3rd OMDO Central American Service Meeting held,OMDO Central American Service Meeting,Marelco Ltd.,Belize,Yamaha gains No.1 market share in motorcycle segment,Yamaha Motor Italia S.p.A.,Italy,Corporate rebirth for Yamaha in India,Auto Expo,Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd.,Tsutomu Mabuchi,India,YZF-R15,The Art of Engineering,Yamaha Motor and Mitsui & Co. establish new company in Europe,Mitsui & Co., Ltd.,The Netherlands,Yamaha Motor Middle Europe B.V.,Zoom In,The technology beneath those stylish good looks,TMAX



    Frontier 2020Yamahas vision for the futureIn February Yamaha Motor Company announced its new medium-term 3-yearmanagement plan and the vision looking ahead to the year 2020. Find outabout what Yamaha sees for the future and the action plans moving forward.

  • worldwide, as a way to further enhanceour brand value.

    3) Engine/Component frontierThe aim of the Engine/Componentfrontier is not only to develop motorcy-cle components and aluminum and mag-nesium parts but also to build businessesaround a variety of power sources, suchas power assist systems, automobileengines and next generation engines.Based on our over 50-year store ofexpertise gained through personalmobility product development and man-ufacturing engineering, this frontierseeks to grow our business by develop-ing engine components into a core com-petency.

    4) New business domain frontierOther than engine technologies, YamahaMotor has developed technology such ascontrol technologiesacquired in the devel-opment of industrial robots and industrialunmanned helicoptersand biotechnology,derived from the companys Life Sciencebusiness. The core competence of thesetechnologies can be applied in other fields.The company will aim to take these tech-nologies to new domains and build newbusinesses on them.

    2 YAMAHA NEWS MARCH 1, 2008


    YAMAHA NEWS MARCH 1, 2008 3

    al mobility as a means to achieve greaterharmony with the natural environment.Yamaha Motor will offer optimal mobil-ity solutions from a broader perspectivethat includes not only products but alsooverall transportation systems alongwith lifestyle-oriented approaches.Specifically, this frontier encompassesdomains that include motorcycles withsuperior environmental performance,low priced motorcycles and new-conceptpersonal commuter vehicles, in additionto such personal mobility mainstays asour PAS electro-hybrid bicycles andelectric vehicles. Yamaha Motor willoffer unique new forms of personalmobility that are safe as well as achiev-ing a higher level of environmentalfriendliness for the two-wheeled vehicle.

    2) YAMAHA brand frontierThere are over 30 million customersaround the globe today that use prod-ucts of the YAMAHA brand, includingthose of Yamaha Corp. (music). In theYamaha Brand frontier, the companyaims to offer valuable intangibles suchas peripheral services and recreationalsolutionsthe so-called softwareaspect of the businessto customerswho enjoy YAMAHA brand products

    Four FrontiersYamaha Motors long-term vision,Frontier 2020 has defined FourFrontiers for business expansion andthe directions the company will take inrespect to each of them over the periodbetween 2008 and 2020. The wordFrontier is used to describe the open-ing of new domains. At the time of Yamaha Motor Co.,Ltd.s founding in 1955, the companyestablished itself by using its own cor-porate strengths to open up a new fron-tier, and it has grown to its presentglobal status in the same way. And nowwe believe that it is time to return tothat pioneering spirit and undertake anew start with the determination to acreate new domains for the future. Bymeeting the developmental challengespresented by each of these Four Fron-tiers heading towards 2020, YamahaMotor will transform the quality of itsgrowth and evolve into both a biggerand more distinctive enterprise. Letstake a look at these Four Frontiers ingreater detail.

    1) Personal Mobility frontierIn recent year, increasing attention hascome to focus on sound forms of person-

    In fiscal year 2007 Yamaha Motorsconsolidated revenue reached arecord high of 1,756.7 billion yen. InFebruary 2008, the company alsointroduced Frontier 2020, its newlong-term vision detailing manage-ment and business strategies lookingto the year 2020.In this issue of Yamaha News we out-line the Frontier 2020 vision andthe new three-year medium termmanagement plan that will be phaseone of Yamaha Motors action plansaiming toward 2020.

    Yamahas vision for 2020Yamaha Motor has grown into the glob-al corporate group it is today by offer-ing customers throughout the world arange of products based primarily inour core motorcycle engine technolo-gies. And now, to build toward thefuture, we aim to transform the qualityof this growth.The directions of this transformationcan be divided into the following threeareas. 1) Evolving Yamaha Motor intoa bigger, more distinctive enterprise by

    strengthening our dedication to qualityproduct creation and creating diverseforms of new value for our customers,not only in the motorcycle market butalso in a range of other businesses; 2)Achieving sustainable development forthese businesses at a high growth rate;and 3) Vitalizing our corporate environ-

    ment by making it one in which indi-vidual employees can excel and attainself-fulfillment. In order to achieve these three goals,Yamaha Motor has defined Four Fron-tiers and has launched new challengesin each of them.


    PAS: Electro-hybrid bicycle

    EV: Electric vehicle

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    New businessdomainsNew businessdomains

    Personalmobility Personalmobility



    Other business

    Other business

    Other business


    Goal: Transforming thequality of growth

    Evolving into a bigger, and moredistinctive enterprise

    Achieving sustainable high growth Vitalizing the corporate environment

    Pursuing core competenceExpanding by developing the customer base and brand equity

    Expanding through superior technology Personal Mobility


    YAMAHA brand frontier

    Engine/component frontier

    New business domainfrontier (control tech-

    nologies, Life Science)


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