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A Presentation To Highlight Some Aspects Of The New Movie To come, "Ye Stupid Pyar"




A stupid (Rom-Com) Love Story.

Star cast:Jatin KhuranaNoopur PatwardhanAkansh, Sahil and Sachin



Engaged into film business for more than 22 years, JRD has its primary focus on Distribution and acquisition of foreign feature films from all over the world, for commercial Distribution and Exploitation in Indian territories for Theatrical, TV, DVD and satellite rights in India.

Its long term established channels for Distribution Exhibition all over India, gives an edge to JRD for the Distribution of YSP not only in India but overseas too. YE STUPID PYAR is the first feature film produced by the company and with its experience as a Distributor, the primary focus has been, to make a film that is commercially viable and has aesthetic values.

Director : RAKESH JAIN

Rakesh Jain has been associated with the film industry for more than 22 years and has been attending major International film festivals and markets like Cannes, Berlin and Hong Kong Filmart etc., for past several years.

Having experienced a wide variety of world cinema, Rakesh always had the passion to direct a film. Assisted by an expert team, this is his first venture as Director, with focus on its targeted audience as youngsters and between the age group of 15 and 30.


During his visit to many film festivals and markets, Rakesh Jain has figured out ample offers and opportunities for Joint ventures and collaborations in the field of production and Distributions of films.

This film should pave the way to avail such opportunities in a bigger way for production as well as Distribution of films.


MUSICVipin Patwa is very ambitious and highly talented composer. The songs of the film are sure to become chartbusters of the year. The compositions include a romantic number, a pulsating Bhangra number and variety of other melodious tunes.

SINGERS: The film has five melodious songs, sung by singers - KK, Shaan, Nikhil Dsouza, Salim Master, Shreya Ghoshal, Vipin Patwa and Ritu Pathak.

Beautifully choreographed by versatile choreographer Rajiv Khinchi.


Hard working, very talented and focused.

Its his debut film

Done theatre and acting course from Mumbai


Very talented and dedicated, its her debut film.

Done acting course from a leading acting institute in Mumbai.


The film is a love story about Abhishek and Neha who meet at a Gym, and about their encounters where Abhishek always tries to impress Neha. But is she really impressed?... However they get married and no sooner the tragic turnaround takes place.

Abhishek meets his college days friend Simran, who, with the help of his friend Multiplex tries to help Abhishek in resolving his problems

Finally the confusion about being in Love and not being in Love gets over. and Love Triumphs.

Shooting Locations

Shot on the picturesque locales of Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya), Mumbai, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.

Target Audience

Targeted to the youth (age group 15 to 30), the film is a wholesome entertainment for the entire family.

Release Plans

JRD Films with its vast experience, plans to appoint Territory wise Distributors for various regions selectively.

Scheduled for release in June/July 2011 worldwide (the colleges re-open for new session).

For Overseas Distribution, Plans are on way to appoint Distributors in various countries through a renowned International sales agent to be engaged by the Company, for which discussions are already underway.

Festival Participation

Although, a main stream film, efforts are on to present the film at few International film festivals under the tag of a debutant Director.

The film will be presented for sales during Cannes Film Festival 2011 and the director Rakesh Jain will be attending the Cannes Film Market- 2011 to promote the film.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Targeted to youth, there are ample opportunities for a brand to gain a very high access to the target audience through media, press, contests, internet and also multiplexes and single screen cinemas, where the film will be released widely.

The products that would be most beneficial are, sports (Gym) items, costumes worn by the lead actors, social networking site like facebook, eating outlet like sub-way, aerated drinks, airlines, hotels, mobile phone company like blackberry.

Other products that the youth can relate with.