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  • 1. A Quick Overview of AHMLs DatabasesBill PardueArlington Heights Memorial

2. What Google Does Visits hundreds of millions of webpages and creates anindex Licenses selected content and learns how to give itpriority over natural results. (Weather, stocks, flightinfo) A few cool computational tricks (calculator/converter) 3. What Google DOESNT Do Find hidden content thats the result of searches indatabases. Get information thats only available to subscribers (itmay linkbut you cant read without paying!) Find historical information that hasnt been madeeasily available to the whole web. 4. Hidden Content Content that only appears as the result of a searchitsnot just browsable. The AHML catalog Kelley Blue Book Car Values Illinois Sec. of State business search (URL neverchanges). 5. What to do? Try searching google more conceptually (car pricesinstead of 1987 Ford Escort with 235,000 miles) You still need to know specific sources for specific jobs. Thats where the library comes in handy! 6. The Databases page Look for Research/Databases on our menus Leads you to dozens of premium websites for lookingup articles, investment info, health info, etc. Most are available from home/office (with your AHMLusername & password) 7. Articles Use the Magazine/Newspaper articles categoryor startwith the pink box! Finds articles from approximately 85% of our full-textjournals, across multiple databases. Includes some info beyond our databases. 8. Articles (contd) Try looking at specific resources Use the Magazine Articles or Newspaper Articlescategories. You may need to skip from source to source. 9. Articles (contd) Top tools: Academic Search Premier MasterFile Premier Student Resources In Context Lexis/Nexis Library Express 10. Genealogy Use the Genealogy category Ancestry Library Edition (in-library only) HeritageQuest Americas Obituaries & Death Notices 11. Business Tools Use the Business category. Top tools: ReferenceUSA: massive phone/business directory Business Source Premier Lexis/Nexis Company Dossier 12. Investment Tools Use the Investments Category: MorningStar ValueLine Standard & Poors 13. Health Tools Use the Health category. Health & Wellness Resource Center Consumers Checkbook 14. Miscellaneous! P4A (antique prices) Alldata/Chilton Library (auto repair) Mango/Visual Thesaurus (language skills) 15. Need help? Contact us!(Google cant do that, either) Call (847-392-0100) Visit Chat help 24/7