you can’t kill time you can’t store time all you can do is use it

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You Cant Kill Time You Cant Store Time All You Can Do Is USE IT Slide 2 A Good Idea Doesnt Care Who Has It Slide 3 PUSH If You Cant Push PULL If you cant pull GET OUT OF THE WAY Slide 4 YEARS Wrinkle the Skin, Loss of Enthusiasm WRINKLES THE SOUL Slide 5 The Best Way to get a Job Done is to Get it Started Slide 6 No one of Us is as smart as All of US Slide 7 The Difference between Champ and Chump is U Slide 8 You Cant Do Everything at Once But You can do Something at Once Slide 9 Average is Top of the Bottom and Bottom of the Top Slide 10 A Winner Never Quits And a Quitter Never Wins Slide 11 Brilliant People Talk about Ideas Average People talk about things Small People talk about other People Slide 12 I Dare You To be Your own Self At Your Very Best All of the Time Slide 13 Safety is no accident its a Habit Slide 14 If You Can not Win Make the one Ahead of you Break the Record Slide 15 There is Always Free Cheese In a Mouse Trap Slide 16 Excuses Only Satisfy the Man Who Makes Them Slide 17 You Are Becoming What You Are to Become Slide 18 Always be a Dreamer But also be a Doer Slide 19 There is Nothing Nearly as Clever as Honesty & Sincerity Slide 20 Positive Anything is better than Negative Nothing Slide 21 If you think you can You can! If you think you cant You are Right! Slide 22 The Difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary is the little EXTRA Slide 23 People Seldom Improve When They Have No Other Model but Themselves to copy After Slide 24 Let Failure be your Teacher Not Your Undertaker Slide 25 The Greatest Evidence of Knowing Little About Soil is to Label it as Dirt Slide 26 You Must do the Thing you Think You Can not do Slide 27 THERE IS A DIFFERNCE BETWEEN KNOWING THE PATH AND WALKING THE PATH Slide 28 My Favorite Part Of The Game IS The Opportunity to PLAY Slide 29 IT IS FAR MORE IMPRESSIVE WHEN OTHERS DISCOVER YOUR GOOD QUALITIES WITHOUT YOUR HELP Slide 30 Getting People to like You is Merely The Other Side Of Liking Them Slide 31 My dad would have bopped me on the head when I was a kid if I came home bragging about what I did on the field. He only wanted to know how the team did Slide 32 Take time to Deliberate; But when the time for Action Arrives, Stop thinking and Go IN Slide 33 The Will to Win Is not Nearly As Important as the Will to Prepare To Win Slide 34 All the Forces in The World are Not so Powerful As an Idea Whose Time Has Come Slide 35 A people that Values Its Privileges Above Its principles Soon Loses Both ! Slide 36 Practice Doesnt Make Perfect Perfect practice Makes Perfect Slide 37 The more we Study the more We discover our Ignorance Slide 38 Theres no such Thing as a Bad Day Only Different Degrees of a Good Day Slide 39 Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves! Slide 40 Blessed is the man, Who having nothing to say, abstains from giving wordy evidence of that. Slide 41 As long as youre Going to be thinking Anyway, Think BIG


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