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  • You failed? Congratulations!

  • "You failed? Congratulations! Surprised? People are never successful by birth.Whomsoever is a Tycoon in their domain has come across innumerable failures but they never gave up; they overcame those failures! So, didyou fail? Congratulations!!! You are on the right track!"

  • But really, when we FAIL, what happens? Does the sky fall? Do we lose our homes? Our shirts? Or worst of all - our pride? And if all these things happen and we're stillfinding time to view this presentation, was the outcome really so devastating?

  • You might believe that failureis defeat. But it is not so. Morethan anything, failure is an opportunity: the opportunityto re-evaluate your goals andyour mistakes, to know and improve yourself.

  • The most successful people have encountered failure more thanonce in their lives, butthey moved on and turned it to their advantage. So should you!!!

  • More often than not, FAILURE is nothing more than a shift in expectations. You thought you wanted one thing to happen, but instead you get something else.

  • Instead of thinking that you hit rock bottom and that there's nothingyou can do, you should see it as an opportunity to reboot your systemof ideas, to change your plan of action, to make a fresh start.

  • Having failed at something means that your old plan was faulty. So make a new one! Change your perspective! What went wrong? What can be changed and what can be adjusted? You will notice that a lot of your actions were ineffective, a lot ofyour priorities were inessential.

  • Failure means that there's nothing left to hold on to, so you canbecome objective. Take advantage of this opportunity.

  • Having lost everything means that there's nothing left to lose. This is your chance tobe adventurous, to do the things you feared when you still had a job, a relationship,a plan. Now you're free of responsibilities, so why not dive into the unknown?

  • One of the ways to start over is to dothe exact opposite of what you usedto do before failing. Whatever it wasthat got you into this situation was wrong, and you don't want to makethe same mistake twice.

  • But perhaps the best side of failure is that you won't be afraid of it anymore,because you've already been there. Nexttime you won't be hesitant and doubtful,because you now know that the worst that could happen is a new beginning.

  • "Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit." - Napoleon Hill

  • Happy Accidents are definitelyseeds of great might. They're those well-disguised gifts that if allowed to spawn rather thanspurn - can easily become yourown life's Next Big Thing.

  • Failure is NOT a thing to be avoided,but rather, THE golden objective topursue, accumulate, tally, gulp, andexperience at every opportunity.

  • Fail, fail, fail, and fail some more at something (or everything!) you LOVE to do, and sooner or later you are destined to succeed - whether or not you're wearing clean underwear.

  • "Don't be afraid to fail. Don't waste energy trying to cover up failure. Learnfrom your failures and go on to the next challenge. IT'S OK TO FAIL! If you're not failing, you're not growing."- H. Stanley Judd

  • I like to succeed at everything I do! If there is one thing that I have learned over theyears, it is that failure is NOT fatal. I have also learned that practice does not makeperfect - there is no such thing as perfection - there is only improvement!!!

  • Rule # 1 : Try, try, and try again. Rule # 2 : Have fun while you are trying.Rule # 3 : When you make a mistake - fail at something - go back to rule # 1.

  • Control your self-talk to bepositive and uplifting focuson what you CAN do ratherthan on the fear of 'what might happen if......".

  • "In some attempts, it is gloriouseven to fail."- Longinus

  • It is important to take risks. Often, when feeling the fear of trying new things, it ismore about our comfort zone than it is about intelligence. The good news is that you can stretch your comfort zone and become bigger than that which scares you!

  • The fear of failure is self-imposed.That's the good news! It's all in theway we think about something. So,change the way you think and thenyou change your performance.

  • May you always have the strength and courage to FAIL MISERABLY at every opportunity, and may you live on to become one of the biggest failures the world has ever known!!!!!!

  • So stand up and face your failure. It is the best part of your experience. Nodisaster should have to power to stop you. Change your ways, change your goals, change your friends if you need to, but never stop. The onlyMistakeIn life isInaction!!!Thank You Very MuchSompong Yusoontorn