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About Young Marketers l mt sn chi mang tnh tri nghim & nh hng cho nhng marketer ti nng ca Vit Nam trong tng lai. Mission Young Marketers - Empower the next marketing generations Description D n Young Marketers l 1 sng kin v c thc hin bi cng ty REDDER Advertising, v c c vn bi cc tn tui hng u lnh vc marketing & advertising ti Vit Nam. Young Marketers n 2013 bao gm 2 hot ng chnh l Young Marketers Contest & Young Marketers Elite Development Program nhm mc ch nh hng, tm kim v pht trin th h marketing tip theo ca Vit Nam.


<ul><li> 1. OUR BIG IDEATHE GIANT CLOCKby GAKU from RMITWhat are we selling?8-HOUR INVESTMENT FOR YOURCHILDs LIFETIME ACCOMPLISHMENT</li></ul> <p> 2. CONTENTI. SituationII. Brand1. Overview2. DifferentiationIII. ObjectivesIV. Market1. Segmentation Targeting2. Consumer InsightV. Big IdeaVI. Deployment PlanVII. Budget Allocation 3. I. SITUATION 4. I. SITUATION 5. 1. Overview Core ValueLove Compliment RecognitionMissionFulfillment of future generations potentialsProductParent course, 8 hours, 500,000VND/familyContent:Quiz for kidShichidamethodReality practiceII. BRAND 6. Method Glenn Doman Montessori Kyna ShichidaObjectiveBraindevelopmentEarly ageLearn by sensesInterrelationsEncourageindependenceAdaptabilityEducationwithout violenceEmbracing kidsuniquenessappropriateeducation Full potenalsOriginAmerica180 countriesItaly100+ yearsVietnam1+ yearsJapan35+ yearsContentLanguageSimple mathsLanguage, maths,cultures, soft-skillsRules of appraisalMannersQuiz for kidsShichida methodReality practice2. Differentiation 7. III. OBJECTIVESObjectives Business SocialShort-term VND16bil50% Brand Awareness30% Engagement32,000 Registrations5% decreaseLong-term VND64bil80% Brand Awareness50% Engagement128,000 Registrations15% decrease 8. IV. MARKET1. SegmentationIn-depth InterviewSample size: 30 CarelessParents7%Parents-Know-Best7%TigerParents13%Nurturers26%InstinctParents47% 9. IV. MARKET1. SegmentationIn-depth InterviewSample size: 30 CarelessParents7%Parents-Know-Best7%TigerParents13%Nurturers26%InstinctParents47%Target Market: Instinct ParentsDemographic25 - 35, BC+Female , education 12+Family size: first child</p>