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About Young Marketers l mt sn chi mang tnh tri nghim & nh hng cho nhng marketer ti nng ca Vit Nam trong tng lai. Mission Young Marketers - Empower the next marketing generations Description D n Young Marketers l 1 sng kin v c thc hin bi cng ty REDDER Advertising, v c c vn bi cc tn tui hng u lnh vc marketing & advertising ti Vit Nam. Young Marketers n 2013 bao gm 2 hot ng chnh l Young Marketers Contest & Young Marketers Elite Development Program nhm mc ch nh hng, tm kim v pht trin th h marketing tip theo ca Vit Nam.


<ul><li> 1. teamUVUP </li></ul> <p> 2. 1234567Case review -ObjectivesCONSUMER need InsightBrand roleApproaching strategy -Campaign big ideaDeployment planBudgetEvaluationAgenda2014 3. SHICHIDACOREVALUELOVE-PRAISE-RECOGNIZEFamilyviolenceinVietnamisgettingmoreandmoreseriousCategorydigdeepinsidetheconsumers,findoutaconsumerinsightwhichisservedbestbyShichida. &gt;&gt;&gt;affectthenegativesocialsituationfamilyviolenceProduct:LessonswithouttearsFunctionalbenefit:helpparentstoadjusttheirwayofteachingkidsmoresuitableandnon-violent.ContextWHY?AlotofVietnameseparentsthinkthatusingviolenceagainstchildrenisNORMALandalsodisregardthefollowingcriticaleffects.Early educationA modern way to approach and develop childrenUnsolved problem 4. Parents who have childrenor play a critical role in educating children aged from 3-12.Living in 6 major cities (HN, HCM, HP, DN, CT, Hue). Income BC+Education level:12+Business objectivesTarget AudienceWith 3 months after campaignReach the revenue of 16 billion VNDAfter 3 months50% target became aware of Shichida &amp; product; 30% get trial1styear: 7-10% registerSocial objectivesAfter 3 monthsReduce 5% child violence from 73.8% to 68,8%Take first steps to change the perception of educating children.Objective 5. ChuyngiaoINITIAL SEGMENTATIONI use violence reluctantly to make them follow my direction because idont have another choice. I never consider violence as a way to teach my children. In my opinion, understandability is the key to educate a child.I hit my children because of my feelingSegmentsize: 64,7%Segmentsize: 11,7%Segmentsize: 2,9%Age: 25-40Balance gender:Income: BC+ Education: 12+Live in 6 big citiesAge: 25-35Balance gender:Income: BEducation: 12+Live in 6 big citiesAge: 30-45Male dominantIncome: C+Education: 12+Live in 6 big citiesFor so many reasons, I let my children do whatever they wantSegmentsize:6%Age: 25-40Female dominantIncome: BC+Education: 12+Live in 6 big citiesTHE TRANSFERRINGTHE DREAMINGTHE VIOLENTTHE EASYI want my children to become the one I expected them to be. And I use violence to ensure that.Segmentsize:14.7%Segment Demographics:Age: 30-45Balance gender:Income: C+ Education: 12+Live in 6 big citiesTHE HEADGia trngBolcDdiMcViolence levelDirection levelConduct a quantitative and qualitative research on 34 samples.Segmentation 6. We pick THE TRANSFERRINGasourCORE TARGET15%64%12%3%6%Gia trngChuyn giaoM cBo lcD diThis group have the biggest sizePossessing a reluctant attitude towards violence but have not found the appropriate method.So what is this groups insight?And what are their drivers and barriers? 7. CONSUMER INSIGHTLessonwithouttearshelpparentstoadjusttheirwayofteachingkidsmoresuitableandnon-violent.AmodernwaytoapproachanddevelopchildrenDoing good for their children is the instinctof every parents. However, teaching kids is a rational training &amp; learning process.CONSUMER TRUTHPRODUCT TRUTHCATEGORY TRUTH 8. SHICHIDA -theInstructorgive parents an insightful solutionBai hoc khongnuocmat:A modern kids-teaching method which help them to be fully developed.reason to believe+ Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training certification+ The world trusted brand in children educationBrand role 9. Pointoutatruththatparentsarelovingtheirkidsinstinctively,buttobefully-developed,kidsneedamoreeffectivelyrationalmethod.Approaching strategy 10. CAMPAIGN BIG IDEAKEY MESSAGEXinngthngcon theocmtnhDont love me wrong 11. Ngun: Nielsen Vietnam80,8% itngcsdngmobile phone67,3% sdngthitbdi nglnmngmingy???? S DNG OTT (VIBER)50% i tng c s dng internet78% s dng intennetmi ngyMobileInternett booth ti cc trungtmvnha, cungvnhathiunhiConsumer engagementaged 25 40, living in 6 major cities, open to communicationCommunication targetCHUYN GIAOTouch point 12. PHASINGTrigger-MAR-Experience-APR-Amplify-MAY-OBJECTIVETrigger their need of finding dycon khoahc, gipcon phttrinLet them experiencedycon khoahccakhahckoncmtcashichidaNhnmnhshiuqumphng phpkhochc- khahccashichidamangliKEY MESSAGEngdycon theobonng, hydycon khoahcLets experience dycon khoahcwith ShichidasproductLets celebrateour great kidsKEY HOOKVIRALCLIPSAMPLING JOURNEYOFFLINE EVENTMEDIACHANNELPRSocialTalkshowPRSocialDigitalSocialConsumerengagementDeployment plan 13. CHO CON N HNHLength:1minContent:2differentfamiliesfeedtheirkidswithscallion.Thescreenisdividedinto2differentaspectsoftreatingachildwhentheydontobeytheirparentstoeatscallionwhichdoesgoodfortheirhealth.Onesideexaggeratedlystudiesbooks, callgrandparentsforhelp,askingexpertsadvice.Theothersjustslaptheirkidsandforcethemtoeatwhileshouting:Itsgoodforyourhealth.Clipendswiththetagline:PleasedontlovemewrongViral clip 14. Offline eventVenue: City women centerContentSharing about positive change after applying the course.Consulting by Shichida experts 15. Consumer engagementVenue: Culture center, kids playground, etc.Time: Fri Sat SunContent: Lessons without tears free trial:Kids philosophy testingConsulted by Shichida expertsTake-away clip for parents home usage: How to praise/ scold kids right 16. Viral clipPrSocialConsumer EngagementTalkshowDigitalTotal (mil)Phase 1Trigger2005003001000Phase2: Experience70030015002003003000Phase 3:Amplify3007001000Budget plan 17. PRE-LAUNCHConcept testPrice testReceive responses concerning the product (course)LAUNCHINGProduct recognition and preference with viral collectionCheck the productivity of boothsThe level of response and acceptance of Mobile appPOST-LAUNCHThe revenueThe number of applicantCourse recognitionThe positive alternation in customers behavior after the courseThe preference level and willingness to share the ShichidamessageEvaluation 18. created by PUVUteamDont love me wrong</p>