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  1. 1. Brand positioningMARKETERSBrand essenceBRAND KEYI am offering the only that can [BRAND POSITIONING] In the category I will make you feel [WHAT-TO-BEBRAND ESSENCE]Brand keyBRAND ESSENCESCONSUMERS
  2. 2. Brand positioningBrand essencePositioning is defined as the way by which the marketers attempt to create a DISTINCT impression in the customer's mind. Or what marketers want the target market to perceive in their mind when mentioning the brand. Brandtarget consumers reason to buy your brand in preference to others positioningrefers Volvo = Safety Miller Lite: Great Taste, Less Filling Walt Disney Company: MagicBrand key U.S. Army: Be all you can be Budweiser: For all you do, this Buds for you Pepsi GenerationCATEGORY BENEFITPRODUCT & CONSUMERtoBUSINESS MODEL Burger King: Have it your way United Airlines: The friendly skies of United WalMart: Always the lowest priceAGAINST COMPETITOR Avis: Were #2. We try harder Seven-Up: The Un-cola Apple: Think different
  3. 3. Brand positioningFORMULA POSITIONING IS WHEN WHAT MARKETERS SAY MEET WHAT CONSUMER PERCEIVE. Positioning Statement = [Target Audience]+ [Frame of Reference] + [Point of Difference] + [Reasons to Believe]OUR [OFFERING] IS THE ONLY [CATEGORY] THAT [R2B]Brand essenceBrand key
  4. 4. Brand positioningBrand essenceBrand keyMORE EXAMPLES For homemakers, Dow Bathroom Products are the easy way to get a great clean shine for your tub, tile and toilet. Thats because only Dow Bathroom Products contain scrubbing bubbles that cut through dirt and grime clean to the shine!For those suffering from a cold, Comtrex offers four different relief formulas that treat and work against your specific cold ailments.
  5. 5. Brand positioningBrand essenceBrand keySINGLE INTANGIBLE attribute that DIFFERENTIATES the brand from competitors brands as PERCEIVED BY CONSUMERA BRAND PROMISE When using the brand, the customer will FEEL [THAT ESSENCE]Single minded; Intangible; Unique; Experiential; Consistent; Authentic; Sustainable; Meaningful; Scalable
  6. 6. Brand positioningTriumphs underwear designed perfectly fit in base on mixing of fashion , passion about woman body . Make women feel confident when using it. => Fashion from passion with women bodyBrand essenceBrand keyAxe gives guys the edge in the mating game, and can achieve any girls they want. Axe makes men feel seduced => Grooms men to seduce
  7. 7. Brand positioningBrand essenceFormula of a regular Brand key and the sample of AXE Brand key by UnileverBrand key ANOTHER TYPE OF BRAND KEY by COKE
  8. 8. Brand positioning 6. Value , belief , personality : Diana is a sweet & gentle girl , still keep traditional but so confident to do what she like & confident to show it. Diana-er, women appreciate Dianas value. 5 . Benefit : a product that make women feel still confident in red day and they are confident to show off themselves all the time.Brand essence 9. Essence: Do what I love in the way I love. Feel self wonderfulDiana Brand key 7. R2B: Diana understand unconvinience of women in red day and may be it can make she shy, but Diana want to tell them that, its normal and its not make them less great. Diana will help them to feel better. 8. Discriminator: Kotex with bye bye label campaign telling girl dont care about labels people stick in them, just be themselve. Diana not, Diana make women feel inspiration from their mind and confident to show it to many people4. Insight : Its great being a woman 2. Competitive environment : Tampons Vietnam market have 2 leader with over 40 pecent share: Kotex & Diana. Its a was last many many year and to be continues.1. Rooth strength: Use the best way and try to be better everyday to cherish women in red day Red-day cant make you less great2. Target: Women, 14-45, both urban and rural, all SEC.