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  • 2. WHAT DO COMMUNICATION BIG IDEA & CAMPAIGN/ADVERTISING BIG IDEA MEAN ? Brand big idea Brand big idea is the promise of brand to customer. In other way it seem like a brand essence. Brand big ideas motto is provide target customers need, want and dream. Strategic direction communication concept. It can create perceived competitive advantage with a parity performing brand. Communication Communication big idea is translated from brand big idea, it make customer easy understand the brand promise and closer to them. big idea Campaign/Advertising big idea Campaign/Advertising big idea is the finnaly product in Big idea process. Core concepts, key messages, visuals and texts, and the final look and feel of advertising campaigns in specific time, location and clear objective. Customers can approach to products or brand.
  • 3. EXAMPLE Communication Big Idea OPEN HAPPINESS Campaign/Advertising Big Idea CNG GN KT TT MI V Location: Vietnam Timeline: Tet holiday 2014
  • 4. WHAT IS EFFECTIVE CAMPAIGN CREATIVE BRIEF ? Campaign creative brief is the document confirming understanding between on a client and an advertising agency. It includes some important channels to fit objectives. Such as: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Objectives of an advertising campaign Identification of the targeted audience To be adopted in reaching the audience The timeframe of the campaign Its total estimated cost. Effective campaign creative brief has a single-minded proposition that is focus and exicting DO DONT 1. Define clearly the problem to be solved 1. Set an objective that the campaign canot solve 2. Put in surprising or interesting information-about the problem, the 2. Be prescriptive more than inspiring brand, the target of channels. 3. Over load it with information 3. Be concise; Its called a brief for a reason
  • 5. EXAMPLE CAMPAIGN THE PROJECT BACKGROUND? Business objective, communication objectives and the business background that relevant to the campaign including budget Communication objective: Engage more with target customers to send brand message Key message: Together, we GRAB the Golden Glorious moments Competitor activities (Heineken: direct competitor and Saigon beer ) -> Compare to Sapporo activities in this year WHO SHOULD WE BE THINKING ABOUT? RELEVANT ATTITUDES/FEELINGS/BELIEFS Describe the full picture of them : Demographic, Psychological, Current attitude to the brand, the category, channel experience insights, communication experience insight Target audience: male, 20 over 30 years old, office staff. Sociable man with wide relationship in many areas Whenever he has an occasion, he wants to share with his friends, to celebrate his glorious moment. Sapporo is a good choice for him to celebrate his moment with his friend Whats the RESULT WE WANT TO SEE AFTER THE CAMPAIGN? Whats the change in peoples behaviour that we expect? When I have event, party My best choice is Sapporo WHAT TO SAY? Strategic communication messageTogether, we GRAB the Golden Glorious moments CREATIVE BRIEF HOW DO WE SUPPORT THIS? The product Reason-to-believe, the channels insight that helps bring message to them and make them feel relevantPremium brand from Japan Key product: Sapporo gold can Reason to believe: Golden moments: are the moment that they receive/get/achieve the happiness, success, achievement, accomplishment in their daily life, career, social life in the year 2013 Supporting activities: Offline promotion Special Event on C-Max and Tet decoration EXAMPLES OF WHERE AND HOW WE COULD ACT SO WE CAN EFFECT THIS CHANGE? Sample of how we can influence them: Fan page: mini games, status, images, small contests, info to deliver communication message Forum seeding; Create a story about golden moments Small activations to support digital activities To spread out info about this campaign WHAT RULES ARE THERE? Fan page is key platform for this campaign DELIVERABLES LIST AND TIMING List down in details that we need to deliver and deadline of submission.