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  • Young Marketers Elite 3


    by Nhat Minh

    Disruptive business model to shine 1

    million VN household with CIF


    Confident female


    Dedicated to beauty and the importance of things looking their best

    With Cif woman, beauty is uncompromisable

    What are their


    Urban housewives 25 45 years old

    Medium to high living standard

    She is looking for a result that justifies the effort she puts in keeping her home

    looking the best

    Who are they?


    How she thinks and does cleaning at Tet? How she uses HHC product?


    80% woman do cleaning by their owns

    although they are so busy at Tet


    She appreciates support from others

    (husband, children), but she believes

    that only her can keep the home

    looking at best


    Home care is supposed the manor of

    woman, which shes so proud of. She is

    uncompromising to bring back the

    beauty of her masterwork

    as the quote Men makes house, woman makes home

    1 SKU2 SKU

    >3 SKU She normally uses 1 or 2 SKUs for

    cleaning all the house despite many

    kinds of stain on different surfaces. DWL

    stands out as the most popular product


    She thinks all HHC stuffs are the same

    and provide the common result as

    cleaning. So DWL fits all situation

    * DWL: dish washing liquid


    She doesnt care about product,

    actually she desires a superior cleaning

    solution that help her do cleaning task


  • CONSUMER INSIGHT: My home is my masterwork


    The tension happens during

    busy Tet holiday while woman

    want to do cleaning by their

    own but get limited support

    from current HHC products she



    Cif is a powerful brand

    helping restore the beauty of

    humans masterworks to their

    sparkling beauty all over the

    world. Now Cif comes to

    Vietnamese home to bring

    back the beauty of every

    womans masterwork at Tet


    HHC includes multiples

    products for different

    cleaning purposes, making

    ease to this task

    Despite busy days before

    Tet, I want to do cleaning

    by myself as the only way

    to ensure restoring the

    beauty to my home at

    best. I desire a cleaning

    solution that helps

    accomplish this task


  • Big Idea

    Cif Completed Cleaning Solutionto bring back the beauty of every womans masterwork

    Brand role:Cif would create a completedcleaning packages that help womanbring back the shininess and restorethe beauty of their home at fingertips




  • Completed



    __ The package __

    With online cleaning platform

  • The Model




    Target consumer

    Subscribe to CifCompleted Cleaning Solution websiteor Install app

    Order the package

    Get technique for different

    cleaning needs

    Refill product after the first order

    Get the cumulative point to receive free cleaning products

    Benefit from this model- Increase penetration for SSC - Increase basket size- Retain consumer loyalty

  • Deployment plan

    Phase 1

    Trigger the awareness

    Phase 2

    Launch Cif Completed

    Cleaning Solution

    Key message Home is Vietnamese womans


    Let Cif help bring back the

    shininess and beauty to

    womans masterwork

    Key hook Viral clip Womans


    Viral clip From Rio de janeiro

    to your home

    Supporting tactics Social debate on Internet In-store activation

    Promotion code on bottle

    Communication message: Let Cif bring back the shininess and beauty

    to every womans masterwork by Completed Cleaning Solution

  • Objective: Catch attention and attract appreciation of target audience with the key message: Home is womans masterwork

    Key hook: Viral clip

    Wow factors:How female celebrities choose what is their most proud-of masterwork

    Supporting tacticsSocial debate on Internet

    PHASE 1

  • Celebrity endorsement: Tang Thanh Ha, Thuy Hanh & their husband and children

    Viral clip content brief: How woman define the most proud-of masterwork:- Not the successful acting career for Tang Thanh Ha or glamour in catwalk for

    Thuy Hanh, their devoted effort to home and family is what theyre proud of most

    How their effort is appreciated by husband and family:- Sharing and thank from their beloved husband and children

    Social debate:- Leading social debate by Trang Ha and Le Hoang

    PHASE 1

  • Objective: Launching Cif Completed Cleaning SolutionEngage the message: Cif CCS can bring back the shininess and beauty to your home, your masterwork at fingertips

    Key hook: Viral clip From Rio de janeiro to your home

    Wow factors:Inspired by what power Cif has to restore the beauty of humans masterwork all over the world

    Supporting tacticsActivation in storePromotion code on bottle

    PHASE 2

  • PHASE 2Viral clip: From Rio de janeiro to your home

    Content brief Cif has go around the world the restore the beauty of humans masterwork,

    now it comes to your home, your own masterwork Introduce Cif Completed Cleaning Solution with such power Demonstrate how Cif help restore beauty of home at your fingertips Stimulus people to try Cif Completed Cleaning Solution

    Supporting in-store activation:Demonstrate the power of Cif Completed Cleaning Solution with different kinds of stains

    Promotion code on bottle:Buy 1 package get promotion code with 100% winning chance

  • Completed



    __ Thank you __