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<ul><li><p>B U S I N E S S C H A L L E N G E</p><p>MOMO</p><p>C O M P E T I T O R S</p><p>C H A N L E N G E</p><p>Acquiring user is not a problem retain them is a much harder task</p><p>L O W R E T E N T I O N</p><p>Unlock the daily payment feature for user to change their financial behaviors and creating reason to re-use.</p><p>An e-wallet</p></li><li><p>E-wallet a Fintech for </p><p>daily payment</p><p>E-WALLET = TRADITIONAL WALLET + TECHNOLOGY</p><p>Convert traditional wallet User toe-wallet user via</p><p>With ambition to replace </p><p>traditional wallet</p><p>C A T E G O R Y T R U T H</p></li><li><p>( 1 8 - 2 2 )</p><p>F I R S T J O B B E R &amp; U P I S T H E P O T E N T I A L T A R G E T F O R M O M O</p><p>S t u d e n t F i r s t j o b b e r &amp; u p</p><p>( 2 3 - 3 0 )</p><p> Limited budget </p><p> Small amount per </p><p>each payment </p><p> Traditional wallet can </p><p>well-address their </p><p>payment needs </p><p> Have fixed income &amp; able to</p><p>control their own budget</p><p> Higher amount per each</p><p>payment</p><p> Have more needs of</p><p>payment</p><p> Traditional wallet is not</p><p>enough</p><p>SIZE</p><p> 7.2 mil potential user in 6</p><p>key cities</p><p> 63% penetration of smart</p><p>phone among this group</p><p> Average income ~ 9</p><p>mil/month</p><p>T e c h n o l o g y e a r l y a d o p t e r ( 1 8 - 3 0 )</p></li><li><p>Frist jobber &amp; up</p><p>( 2 3 - 3 0 )</p><p> 7.2 mil potential user in 6 key cities</p><p> 63% penetration of smart phone among this group Average income ~ 9 mil/month They are progressive in life Payment attitude: Payment on experiences over buying stuff Payment means rewarding &amp; enjoyment</p><p>PAYMENT JOURNEY</p><p>P r e p a y P a y P o s t p a y</p><p>Non-daily payment</p><p>Daily payment</p><p>T H E I R P A Y M E N T J O U R N E Y</p><p>All steps in payment journey</p></li><li><p>H o w t o c o n v e r t t h e m f r o m u s i n g t r a d i t i o n a l </p><p>w a l l e t t o E - w a l l e t ? </p><p>HUMANTRUTH</p><p>INSIGHTCONSUMERPROBLEM</p><p> They always make the best &amp; get more out </p><p>of their spending </p><p>As a first jobber, I always</p><p>want to get more of</p><p>each money in my</p><p>pocket. But I often over-</p><p>look the daily spending</p><p>as its a bothersome to</p><p>do that</p><p> Big payment tend to be more </p><p>careful &amp; cautious</p><p> Daily payment, however, are </p><p>often over-look. They dont know </p><p>payment per time is small but </p><p>total is very big.</p><p>P R O D U C T </p><p>I N S I G H T</p></li><li><p>An E-wallet help you to take away the bothersome via automatically look for &amp; suggest the best options </p><p>that you can get more from daily payment.</p><p>P R O D U C T C O N C E PT</p><p>MAKE PAYMENT</p></li><li><p>B R A N D I N S I G H T</p><p>Every payment I make is a way to </p><p>enjoy life. Weighting daily payment </p><p>holds me back from enjoying life </p><p>fully.</p></li><li><p>Provide to Whom what Need the Uniqueness by RTB</p><p>First jobber</p><p>Age: 23-30</p><p>Liv ing in 6 key cities</p><p>Daily payment </p><p>maximization</p><p>Suggest daily </p><p>payment options that </p><p>you can get more </p><p>from them</p><p>Big Data: ecosystem, </p><p>payment behavior </p><p>tracking &amp; targeting</p><p>S H O R T - T E R M P R O P O S I T I O N</p><p>P e r i o d 1 P e r i o d 2 P e r i o d 3</p><p>Pay less, get more Upgrade your enjoying standardManage your payment, lead your </p><p>life.</p><p>L O N G - T E R M P R O P O S I T I O N</p><p>MOMO </p><p>Enjoyable payment</p></li><li><p>Roots: E-wallet with largest agent network</p><p>Target consumer</p><p>First jobbers</p><p>Competitive environment:</p><p>All players offer the same functional benefit </p><p>Consumer insight: Every payment I make is a way to enjoy life. Weighting daily payment holds me back from </p><p>enjoying life fully.</p><p>Benefits: </p><p>Integrate all the physical </p><p>member, loyalty card, </p><p>promotion voucher into one </p><p>e-wallet, you dont miss any </p><p>good offer</p><p>Discriminators: </p><p>Real-time promotion </p><p>providing good offer</p><p>Value-belief-personalities: </p><p>Mr Know-It-All, all good offers in the </p><p>hand. Actively guide you.</p><p>Reason to believe</p><p>Big Data: ecosystem, payment behavior </p><p>tracking &amp; targeting</p><p>Brand essence:ENJOYABLE PAYMENT</p><p>B R A N D P O S I T I O N I N G</p></li><li><p>ONLINE </p><p>MERCHANT</p><p>OFFLINE </p><p>MERCHANT </p><p>MOMO </p><p>USERS</p><p>LINK FROM ONLINE </p><p>TO OFFLINE</p><p>SOURCES </p><p>OF FUND </p><p>(BANK..)</p><p>T H E E C O S Y S T E M</p></li><li><p>P O R T F O L I O P L A N N I N G</p><p>App </p><p>feature</p><p>POS </p><p>expanding</p><p>Merchant </p><p>category</p><p>Merchant browsing Get more from defined </p><p>payment</p><p>Location BaseCheck-in &amp; Direct payment in-store</p><p>Get more together - Enjoy together</p><p>Momo Share </p><p>Target 6 key cities in first 3 years.</p><p>Food &amp; DrinkCinema/Entertain</p><p>mentFashion Tourism</p></li><li><p>PRODUCT- Payment suggestion.</p><p>PACKAGINGFriendly &amp; Lifestyle </p><p>design</p><p>PRICE Download: Free Source of biz: Deal </p><p>with merchant to get fee from each transaction.</p><p>PLACEAndroid, iOS</p><p>PROMOTIONLaunching plan with SOLOMO activation.</p><p>PROPOSITIONSPEND LESS GET MORE</p><p>6 P</p></li><li><p>An enjoyable </p><p>life</p><p>Daily little enjoyment in life</p><p>Enjoyment in daily payment</p><p>BRAND ESSENCE</p><p>ACTIVATION </p><p>PLATFORM</p><p>BCI</p><p>B R A N D C O M M U N I C A T I O N</p></li><li><p>K E Y S U C C E S S E S L O O K L I K E</p><p> NEW USER RECRUITMENT = +300,000 active users. </p><p> BRAND AWARENESS GAIN = +10 mio users</p><p> MERCHANT NETWORK BUILDING: </p><p> Online: 2000 merchants</p><p> Offline: 4000 merchants in 5 key cities</p></li><li><p>Frist jobber &amp; up (23 30)</p><p> Have fixed income &amp; able to control their own budget </p><p> Higher amount per each payment Have more needs of payment</p><p> Traditional wallet is not enough </p><p>Get more everyday, bothersome goes away</p><p>Target consumer</p><p>Insight</p><p>CAMPAIGN IDEA</p><p>Phase 1 (2 weeks) Phase 2 ( 1.5 month ) Phase 3 (2 weeks)</p><p>AWARENESS ENGAGEMENT AMPLIFICATION</p><p>Trigger their bothersome in their </p><p>daily payment</p><p>Drive trial by promotion and direct </p><p>product introduction in merchants</p><p>Leverage bothersome went away </p><p>with Momo story</p><p>Dramatize their bothersome in </p><p>daily payment</p><p>Series of short videos</p><p>LCD, Digital, merchantsPR &amp; Social</p><p>Maximize trial</p><p>Advisors in merchants</p><p>Digital, Merchants, Buildings...</p><p>Spreading their real experience while </p><p>using Momo</p><p>Word of mouth creators/opinion leaders experiences on digital </p><p>platform</p><p>Digital, merchants, Officebuildings</p><p>Key task</p><p>Key hook</p><p>Channel</p><p>As a first jobber, I always want to get more of each money in my pocket. But I often over-look the </p><p>daily payment as its a bothersome to do that</p><p>Brand Role Helping them to get more in their daily payment without bothersome with the best options </p><p>L A U N C H I N G P L A N</p></li><li><p>THANK YOU</p></li></ul>