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'Your emails are spam? Get it? Sort it out' Guy Hanson, Director Response Consulting, Return Path Presentation at Internet World UK, 26 April 2012


  • 1.Your emails are spam?Get it? Sort it outGuy HansonDirector, Response Consulting, Return Path

2. Agenda Introduction Email Deliverability Matters Mobile Email Also Matters Watch Your Reputation! Impact of EngagementOpen v Complaint Rate Insight 3. Making Email Better on a Global ScaleOver a Decade of EmailExpertiseProven Data InfrastructureDelivering Measurable ROI 4. Email is still key for marketersSource: Social Media Examiner 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report 5. Email is great for developing loyalcustomers and active subscribers.72%Percentage of companies rate email asexcellent or good for return oninvestment.Source: Econsultancy "Email Marketing Census 2011"(2011) 6. No Inbox. No Click. No ROI. 7. Email Deliverability: Latest Benchmark Global 75.99.1 15.0Central/Latin America71.6 18.110.3InboxAsia Pacific66.55.228.3BulkMissingNorth America 79.3 7.413.3Europe 86.45.6 8 0%20% 40%60% 80%100%Source: Return Path Deliverability Benchmark Report, 2H11 8. Email Deliverability: Europe AverageNearly 14% of legitimate email never reaches European consumer inboxesThats almost 3 out of every 20 emails sent!Source: Return Path Deliverability Benchmark Report, 2H11 9. Email Deliverability: by CountryEuropean Deliverability, 2H11 UK83.0 7.0 10.0Spain 77.84.6 17.7 INBOX Italy 90.04.4 5.7 BULK MISSINGGermany81.3 13.7 5.0France 91.15.7 3.2 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Source: Return Path Deliverability Benchmark Report, 2H11 10. Why do my goodemails get blocked? 11. Its All About Reputation (and Sender Behaviour)! 12. ISPs use your senderreputation to make filtering decisions. Apoor reputation means, your email will getblocked. 13. Impacting Factors for Email Filtering 14. Mobile Email Matters 15. The Growth of Mobile 20112012Source: Return Path Mobile Study 2011/12 16. The Growth of MobileSource: Return Path Mobile Study 2012 17. Mobile Opens: where are they happening?Source: Return Path Mobile Study 2012 18. Mobile can make or break email marketingSource: Return Path Mobile Study 2012 19. The IncreasingImportance of Engagement 20. EmailDeliverability Subscriber Response 21. The Increasing Importance of EngagementThe value of the fair exchange currency hasappreciated infavour of emailsubscribers 22. The Increasing Importance of Engagement 3.00 *1.000.10 0.01 ExperiencesServicesGoodsCommodities * 23. Open v ComplaintRate Insight 24. Behavioural MeasurementMy Campaigns Competitor 1 Competitor 2 25. Subject Lines: By Vertical 26. Subject Lines: Message Types 27. Subject Lines: Optimum Length 28. Subject Lines: Special Characters 29. In Summary 30. Dont take our word for it Transmission speed 55% increase in clicks increased by 40% 200% increase in campaign revenueAverage Return Path client 29% increase in opens improvement rates: 29% increase in clicks 50% increase in IPR IPR = 34% 30% increase in clicksOpen = 20% Click = 23% 21.9% increase in IPR100% increase in IPR15% increase in opens 31. Lets Connect!Guy HansonDirector, Response Consultingguy.hanson@returnpath.netwww.returnpath.net, @GuyHanson


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