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If you are thinking of getting a telescope and don't know where to start, here's a brief guide to telescopes and the different types of scopes available in the market today. Telescopes can be used for land (terrestrial) viewing or for Astronomy (celestial viewing) - we've included a flow chart that shows you which telescopes work for the activity you are purchasing it for. Brought to you by OpticsCentral Australia - Telescopes, Binoculars, Microscopes and more!


  • 1. Your Guide toTelescopes All you need to know about

2. What is a Telescope? Long tube with mirrors & lenses, designed to make distant objects look near. 3. Brief History of A Telescope 1608: Hans Lipperhey, tried to patent the first telescope with 3x magnification. However, in 4. How does it work? 5. Reflector Telescopes Beginners TelescopesYou need BinocularsSpotting Scopes Cassegrain TelescopesRefractor Telescopes Astronomy Binoculars 6. What can I see? 7. Types of Telescopes Refractor telescope Use lenses to gather light Durable low maintenance Excellent for moon, planets & stars Suffers from Chromatic AberrationReflector telescope Use mirrors to gather light Economical but bulky Versatile & great for astrophotography Suffers from Comatic AberrationCassegrain telescope Use a combination of mirrors and lenses Compact but more expensive Versatile & great for astrophotography 8. Viewing Tips & TricksObserve from high areasKeep your telescope cool Start with the moonLearn how to star hopGet a good skymap 9. Want to know more? Visit our Telescope Guide