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1. ENQUIRE TODAY 2015Guide Annuals The Barn Nursery Your Guide to This Years Hottest Annuals 2. Snowstorm Blue Bubbles Bacopa/Sutera Its NEW, its BLUE, and its DOUBLE!!! The latest addition to the Snowstorm Bacopa series and we think its a real winner. The double flower will add more color and texture to your basket or planter, and with all of the durability and vigor you've come to expect from this series. Santa Cruz Sunset Begonia You'll bring home a bit of the tropics when you select this intensely bright begonia. The color is vivid, and its arching habit makes it versatile perfect for hanging baskets, window boxes, or upright pots. Plant in combination with lime green and trailing chocolate Coleus and you've got a super lowmaintenance and drought tolerant planter for part sun to shade! Hottest annuals for 2015 3. Cascadia Indian Summer Petunia Cascadia is a series of Petunia with a mounding to semi- trailing habit that will fill baskets and planters without getting too leggy. Our favorite is Indian Summer, a blend of yellow to orange to peach shades resembling terra cotta. We love it mixed with bronze Sweet Potato Vine and bright orange Lantana. Sweetunia Johnny Flame Petunia Eyecatching rose magenta flowers with near black markings for a truly unique petunia. Very florific with a medium vigor perfect for combination baskets and planters. Mix with bright yellow Bidens and blue Million Bells for a contrast of colors and textures. Hottest annuals for 2015 4. Confetti Gardens Assorted varieties Pot one in a planter with a grass, or in a basket by itself, its that easy! With a Confetti Garden you get 3 premium annuals selected to create a coordinated and compatible combination all in one 6 pot! Its easy and budget friendly. One and done. XXL Series Dahlia The XXL Dahlia series is for those of you who want HUGE flowers, but not the HUGE plant. We'll be carrying a selection of 3 colors perfect for patio pots or flower beds, but unlike traditional 'dinner plate dahlias', these compact plants will grow to only about 20 inches tall. Hottest annuals for 2015 5. Ruffles New Guinea Impatiens A new line for shade! These tough and disease resistant plants boast large blossoms with ruffled, wavy petals. The color and texture is fantastic in planters as well as in the landscape. Mix Ruffles Lavender with Ruffles Peach for an outstanding display! Supertunia Black Cherry Petunia A color as rich as fine red wine. The latest addition to the Supertunia line is a velvety red deepening toward the throat to a near black satin. It will drape over the edge of a classic black urn, or spill over in a hanging basket. Keep it dark and sultry with a black Sweet Potato Vine or provide a stark contrast and really make it POP by adding pure white Verbena. Hottest annuals for 2015 6. Under the Sea Coleus Solenostemon Our selection of Under the Sea Coleus from Hort Couture grows every year (along with the series' popularity) and this year is no exception. You'll find varieties such as Bone Fish, King Crab, Lime Shrimp, as well as the NEW Sea Weed! If you're unfamiliar with the series (and if you haven't already guessed) these incredibly unusual Coleus varieties all resemble sea creatures. They are colorful, easy to grow, and available exclusively at The Barn Nursery. Plant an assortment of Under the Sea Coleus (because who can choose just one) in a blue or sand color pot and top dress with some shells to create an ocean scene on your patio! Hottest annuals for 2015 7. Lofos Compact Rose Lophospermum This oneof akind plant is unlike anything you've seen before! The large, bright rose trumpet shaped flowers jutout from long hanging tendrils. The lacy heart shaped foliage adds to its lovely form. It is ideal for hanging baskets or draping over the edge of very tall planters. Hottest annuals for 2015 8. Illumination Digiplexis Digiplexis Hundreds of top plant breeders around the world work every day to create the HOTEST plant with the it factor. And every once in a while a plant comes along that truly stands out from the rest. (Insert drum roll, please). This is that plant! It was created by crossing Foxglove or Digitalis with a Foxglove cousin (Isoplexis) and the result is the stunningly beautiful Digiplexis. We will be carrying Illumination Flame and Raspberry in 2015. They grow best in full sun to part shade and will produce many tall flowers stalks, up to 36, spring thru fall. They are sterile, and therefore very floriforus. Hottest annuals for 2015