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Youth Development Activities organized by SRSP under EU funded PEACE project


  • 1. 3 Days visit of EU Mission to Peace Project Area Part 7 Youth Development Activity (Volley Ball) at Fatehpur Under EU Peace Project The EU mission paid a visit to Manglawar play ground where they watched volley ball match between Salanda Eleven and Manglawar eleven. They remained there for some time and met with the players as well

2. The match was very interesting; the EU delegates took keen interest. They cheered and encouraged both the sides. 3. It is a pleasure to celebrate with you this volley ball match shared Benoist Bazin Both the teams were awarded with trophies and the players were encouraged with shields for their best performances by the guests. Education is the future of this country and knowledge would bring this country forward Benoist Bazin 4. Nobody can win match alone. It is team which helps in winning match shared Benoist Bazin 5. Such youth activities are only possible when Peace is there Ehsanullah Khan, Advisor to SRSP Management