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  1. 1. State Bank of PakistanState Bank of Pakistan Oracle ERP SoftwareOracle ERP Software
  2. 2. Oracle ERP ApplicationOracle ERP Application Oracle E-Business Suite is the most comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications that enable organizations to make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance. Oracle ERP is a completely integrated software suite designed for medium to large enterprises.
  3. 3. Oracle ERP ApplicationsOracle ERP Applications Customer State Bank of Pakistan Implemented BY Hyundai Information Technology Deployed Version 11.5.3 Current Version Released 2001 Operational Since 2005
  4. 4. State Bank of Pakistan 4 Oracle ERP Modules in SBPOracle ERP Modules in SBP Standard ModulesStandard Modules Oracle General LedgerOracle General Ledger Oracle PayablesOracle Payables Oracle AssetsOracle Assets Oracle Cash ManagementOracle Cash Management Oracle InventoryOracle Inventory Oracle PurchasingOracle Purchasing Oracle Human ResourcesOracle Human Resources Oracle Training AdministrationOracle Training Administration Customized ModulesCustomized Modules Medical Services SystemMedical Services System Performance Management SystemPerformance Management System
  5. 5. 5 Oracle Purchasing Oracle General Ledger Oracle Payables Oracle Inventory Oracle Assets GLOBUS DATA WAREHOUSE Oracle HRMS, OLM Payroll MSS PMS Oracle Cash Management Integrated WorkflowIntegrated Workflow
  6. 6. State Bank of Pakistan 6 Operations DepartmentsOperations Departments SBPSBP Finance DepartmentFinance Department Human Resources DepartmentHuman Resources Department Information Systems & Technology DepartmentInformation Systems & Technology Department Treasury Operations DepartmentTreasury Operations Department All departments are using Online Requisition, Budgeting and PMSAll departments are using Online Requisition, Budgeting and PMS SBP-BSCSBP-BSC Accounts DepartmentAccounts Department Engineering DepartmentEngineering Department General Services DepartmentGeneral Services Department Personnel Management DepartmentPersonnel Management Department Training & Development DepartmentTraining & Development Department Medical Services DivisionMedical Services Division SBP BSC Field Offices (16)SBP BSC Field Offices (16) All departments/Offices are using Online Requisition and BudgetingAll departments/Offices are using Online Requisition and Budgeting
  8. 8. Oracle General Ledger (GL) Central repository for accounting information, receiving transactions from Oracle and non Oracle sub ledgers. Oracle General Ledger Non Oracle Sub ledgerOracle Sub ledger
  9. 9. General Ledger Specifications Set of Books A fundamental concept in Oracle Applications is the Ledger The Ledger represents the core of a companys financial records where every transaction flows through. In Sate Bank of Pakistan, only one Ledger is defined. This Ledger is shared by SBP, BSC HOK and all the BSC field offices.
  10. 10. Main Elements Required for LedgerMain Elements Required for Ledger Accounting calendar Chart of accounts Currency
  11. 11. General Ledger Specifications Chart of Account Chart of accounts is an Accounting structure we create to identify General Ledger accounts. This flexible structure is made up of subfields or segments. Each segment has a name and a set of values The Chart of account structure of SBP comprises of sixteen digits across the following four segments Office Cost Center Account TBD XX XXXX XXXXXX XXXX
  12. 12. General Ledger Specifications Office Segment This segment contains balancing entities. SBP, BSC HOK and all the BSC offices are defined as a separate balancing entity in the SBP Set of Book. Office Description Office Description 11 State Bank of Pakistan 43 Gujranwala Office 12 SBP- BSC (Bank) Head Office 44 Lahore Office 13 For Future Use 45 Multan Office 21 Hyderabad Office 46 Sialkot Office 22 Karachi Office 61 Dera Ismail Khan Office 23 North Nazimabad Office 62 Islamabad Office 24 Quetta Office 63 Muzaffarabad Office 25 Sukkur Office 64 Peshawar Office 41 Bahawalpur Office 65 Rawalpindi Office 42 Faisalabad Office
  13. 13. General Ledger Specifications Cost Center Segment This segment contains Departments, Divisions and Units of SBP, BSC HOK and all the BSC offices. It is used to record income, expense kind of transactions at division/Unit level. Value Usage 0000 All 1000-5999 SBP 6000 7999 BSC HOK 8000 9999 BSC Offices
  14. 14. General Ledger Specifications Account Segment This segment is the natural accounting segment of SBP chart of account. It is used to maintain all accounting heads for assets, liabilities, income, expense and equity accounts. Account Range Type 100000 299999 Assets 300000 499999 Liability 500000 699999 Income 700000 899999 Expense 900000 999999 Equity
  15. 15. General Ledger Specifications TBD Segment This segment is not applicable presently in BSC but will be used to meet any future requirement of SBP. The default value that is used is 0000. This segment has a size of four digits with alphanumeric character format for catering the requirement.
  16. 16. General Ledger Specifications Calendar Calendar is created to define an accounting year and the periods it contains. SBP Accounting Calendar contains twelve monthly normal periods and one adjustment period. Normal Periods Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jun-Adj Adjustment Period
  17. 17. General Ledger Specifications Period Status Each accounting period has one of the following two statuses: Open Period: Journals can be entered, imported and posted only in open period. An unlimited number of periods can be open, but doing so may slow the posting process and can confuse users entering journals. Closed Period: After finishing the month-end processing, it is highly recommended to close the period. Journals can not be entered, imported and posted in closed period. Closed periods can be reopened. In State Bank of Pakistan, Finance department is responsible to maintain the opening and closing of GL Accounting periods.
  18. 18. General Ledger Specifications Currency In SBP, all the transactions in Oracle General Ledger are recorded in PKR. All the foreign currency transactions recorded in Globus are first converted in PKR and then transferred to Oracle General Ledger.
  19. 19. 19 Defining Flexfield Security RulesDefining Flexfield Security Rules Security Rules are used to restrict data entry, onlineSecurity Rules are used to restrict data entry, online inquiry, and reporting to specific values .inquiry, and reporting to specific values . 00 to 99 00 to 11 OFFICE SEGMENTOFFICE SEGMENT Include:Include: Exclude:Exclude: 12 13 to 99Exclude:Exclude: Available:Available:
  20. 20. 20 Defining Cross-Validation RulesDefining Cross-Validation Rules Cross Validation Rules are used to prevent the creationCross Validation Rules are used to prevent the creation of invalid account combinationsof invalid account combinations Include:Include: 12-0000-000000-0000 12-8000-000000-0000 01-0000-000000-0000 12-0001-000000-0000Exclude:Exclude: Exclude:Exclude: AvailableAvailable 12-9999-999999-9999 99-9999-999999-9999 12-5999-999999-9999 LowLow HighHigh 12-0000-999999-9999 12-6000-000000-0000 12-7999-999999-9999
  21. 21. Define Responsibilities A Responsibility is a level of authority in Oracle Applications that lets users access only those Oracle Applications functions and data appropriate to their roles in an organization. Each responsibility allows access to: A Specific Ledger A specific application , such as General Ledger. A restricted list of windows that a user can navigate to A restricted list of functions a user can perform. Reports in a specific application Each user has at least one or more responsibilities and several users can share the same responsibility.
  22. 22. Define User It is mandatory to have Application User to signon to Oracle Applications Assign Responsibilities When an Application User is defined, it is mandatory to assign one or more responsibilities. .
  23. 23. General Ledger Specifications Income Statement Closing Process Oracle General ledger provided a standard Closing Program that is run in the last adjusting period of the fiscal year to transfer income statement yearend account balances of revenue and expense accounts to the retained earnings account. This program creates journal entries to reverse debits and credits of ending yeartodate actual balances for the year. The balance, which is the net of the reversed revenue and expense accounts, is transferred to the specified closing account.
  24. 24. General Ledger Specifications Income Statement Closing Process in BSC In SBP BSC, this process is run by ISTD ERP team after the completion of recording all the adjustment entries recommended by Auditors. This process is run office wise to calculate the profit or loss for each office separately. Each office records a manual voucher to transfer its profit or loss to BSC HOK. Account Debit Credit 22-0000-945501-0000 10,758,310,209.41 22-0000-496102-0000 10,758,310,209.41 Finally the total profit or loss of BSC is transferred to SBP by BSC HOK.
  25. 25. Oracle General Ledger Purchasing Integration of General Ledger in BSC Inventory Fixed AssetsPension Funds Advances Globus Salary Payables
  26. 26. Integration of General Ledger in BSC Module Frequency Payables Daily Purchasing Weekly Inventory Weekly Assets Monthly Globus Daily Salary Monthly Advances When Required Pension Monthly Funds When Required
  27. 27. Overview of Importing Journal EntriesOverview of Importing Journal Entries Subledgers Post Unposted Journal GL_Interface Transfer in Summary or Detail Update GL Balances Import Journal
  28. 28. Genera