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Student choice projects

Student choice projectsYear 9 digital technology

Learn to codeLearn to write javascript or python codeParticipate in online tutorialsComplete coding challenges

* Students that complete this project will have the opportunity to enter into a computer coding competition later this year.

Game designUse scratch or TOUCHDEVELOP to design a game or gamesResearch features of gamesMake your own games and share them online

* Students can negotiate to make games with other software or using code

Visual programmingThis is all about using scratch to create animationsDesign amazing animations or booksShare your work online

App developmentMake an app for a tablet or phoneLearn about the features of apps

Android or apple*apple requires you to learn to code and use a Macbook

minecraftCollaborate to complete building tasksDesign a community space that includes a railway or rollercoasterUse redstone to power lighting and other features of your communityDesign world maps that can be used by local primary schools

Web designLearn to make your own websiteMake interactive content

* This project requires you to learn to code

3d printing designDesign and develop a 3d model of an item of your choice