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Fantasy football first round predictions and statistics for the 2010 YFFL season.


  • YYuummaa FFaannttaassyy FFoooottbbaallll LLeeaagguuee

    Jon Hollis may be thedefending champion,

    but he also holdsanother claim to fame

    three of the topfirst-round busts in

    YFFL history

    See back page

    August 2010 A Mr. Blah Publication www.yumaffl.football.sportsline.com

    Luckof thedevil?

  • Alcohol Unanimous

    Est. 1997

    2009 (2)Maurice Jones-Drew

    2008 (11)Randy Moss

    2007 (3)Larry Johnson

    2006 (6)Ronnie Brown

    2005 (11)Julius Jones

    2004 (15)Marvin Harrison

    2003 (7)Priest Holmes

    2002 (5)Randy Moss

    2001 (8)Eddie George

    2000 (5)Stephen Davis

    1999 (5)Fred Taylor

    2010 Pick: 10

    The Silent Assassins

    Est. 1997

    2009 (16)Aaron Rogers

    2008 (9)Marshawn Lynch

    2007 (10)Willie Parker

    2006 (11)LaMont Jordan

    2005 (2)Shaun Alexander

    2004 (5)Shaun Alexander

    2003 (5)Marshall Faulk

    2002 (8)Terrell Owens

    2001 (3)Fred Taylor2000 (10)

    Curtis Martin1999 (7)

    Jamal Anderson

    2010 Pick: 4

    Going Nowhere Fast

    Est. 2005

    2009 (13)Brian Westbrook

    2008 (10)Ryan Grant2007 (14)

    Willis McGahee2006 (8)

    Edgerrin James2005 (14)

    Jamal Lewis

    2010 Pick: 6

    Sir Allgoods Dragons

    Est. 1997

    2009 (4)Matt Forte2008 (13)

    Maurice Jones-Drew2007 (8)

    Rudi Johnson2006 (13)

    Willis McGahee2005 (13)

    Rudi Johnson2004 (9)

    Fred Taylor2003 (3)

    Shaun Alexander2002 (3)

    Kurt Warner2001 (2)

    Edgerrin James2000 (9)

    Marvin Harrison1999 (2)

    Randy Moss

    2010 Pick: 12

    Dazed and Confused

    Est. 1997

    2009 (9)Larry Fitzgerald

    2008 (14)Tom Brady2007 (5)

    Shaun Alexander2006 (5)

    Larry Fitzgerald2005 (4)

    Deuce McAlister2004 (7)

    Jamal Lewis2003 (10)

    Marvin Harrison2002 (7)

    Ricky Williams2001 (6)

    Randy Moss2000 (8)

    Terrell Davis1999 (6)

    Antonio Freeman

    2010 Pick: 11

    Longball Nutsackers

    Est. 2010


    2010 Pick: 7

    DC Land Sharks

    Est. 2004

    2009 (8)Steven Jackson

    2008 (7)Clinton Portis

    2007 (6)Joseph Addai

    2006 (4)Tiki Barber2005 (12)

    Dominick Davis2004 (8)

    Edgerrin James

    2010 Pick: 5

    Law Dogs

    Est. 2001

    2009 (5)DAngelo Williams

    2008 (5)Steven Jackson

    2007 (11)Reggie Bush

    2006 (14)Brian Westbrook

    2005 (7)Kevin Jones

    2004 (3)Ahman Green

    2003 (6)Deuce McAlister

    2002 (1)Marshall Faulk

    2001 (4)Stephen Davis

    2010 Pick: 8

    Purple JesusDivision

    Boob DarlingDivision

  • Ground ForceWe have to go back, Kate. We have to go back! Now, Kevin is prob-

    ably the only owner who understands this reference to the hit televi-sion show Lost. Its from the stunning Season 3 finale when we learnthat Jack and Kate got off the island, and for some mysterious reason,Jack desperately wants to return. In the YFFL, most owners return toplayers they had success with in the past. Most recently, Harold tookFrank Gore No. 8 overall in 2008, and No. 6 overall last season. ChrisJohnson is a no-brainer to return to the Ground Force in 2010.


    Double DsFor six seasons (2003-08), LaDainian Tomlinson was a top three

    pick. It was the Tomlinson Era, much like it was the Marshall Faulk Erafrom 2000-03. Now, its Adrian Petersons turn. Unless Dans hatredfor Brett Favre runs so deep that he steers away from all things purple,Peterson is the logical choice. Peterson is younger than Maurice Jones-Drew and Michael Turner, and could get the ball more this season withthe injuries sustained by the Vikings wide receiving core. If Little JackHorner doesnt pull out a plum, look for Double Ds to select Ray Rice.


    Yard WeedsDavid Rimels current stint in the YFFL dates back to 2004, but he

    did fill in for another owner during the 2000 draft. Seven picks awayfrom Davids No. 22 pick, I said to myself, Dorsey Levens. Sureenough, David uttered his name. Golly, I love those moments. WithChris Johnson and Adrian Peterson gone, the Yard Weeds turn to eitherMaurice Jones-Drew or Ray Rice. Jones-Drew scored seven more touch-downs than Rice last year, but Rice racked up 702 receiving yards.Yardage is easier to replicate than touchdowns. Rice to Yard Weeds!

    3 RAY RICE

    Silent AssassinsIve been known to put out one or two feelers to owners to gauge

    their expectation of their draft position. With Ray Rice climbing up thecharts leading up to last years draft, I asked Jon if he would be inter-ested in Ray Rice at No. 16. He gave an emphatic no. Instead, henabbed him at No. 48 overall and went on to win Super Bowl XIII. Ifavailable, the Silent Assassins take Rice again, but Im banking hesalready gone. So, Jon will select Maurice Jones-Drew, who scored 16touchdowns and rushed for 1,391 yards in 2010.


  • D.C. Land SharksI have yet to find a fantasy ranking or mock draft where Michael

    Turner is not a top five pick. It seems everyone is banking on him rush-ing for more than 1,600 yards and 17 touchdowns again. The problemis that was in 2008, not 2009, where he missed five games. If it wereme, Id drop Turner to No. 7. But were not talking about me. Weretalking about Daniel. Despite missing those games, Turner still scored10 touchdowns and averaged 4.9 yards per carry. History shows theD.C. Land Sharks like explosive backs and Turner fits the bill.


    Going Nowhere FastNow entering his sixth season, this is the highest Going Nowhere

    Fast has ever drafted. Every year Scott drafts the best running back onthe board. How about one of the two most reliable? Over the past threeyears, Frank Gore averaged 1,086 rushing yards and nine touch-downs. Meanwhile, Steven Jackson averaged 1,156 rushing yards andsix touchdowns. What to do? The Rams have a rookie quarterback andinexperienced wide receivers, which means defenses will stack againstthe run. Gore is a safer pick.


    Longball NutsackersNo, I dont think Monty is going to take the first tight end with the

    No. 7 pick overall (see Mark Chmura on back page). Despite what hap-pened in 1997, however, for all intents and purposes this is his rookieseason. Could he draft the first quarterback or wide receiver? Possibly.Could he select a running back that is further down on my list? I couldeasily see him taking Jamaal Charles or Ryan Grant. But Im going tostick with my gut: Monty is a 49ers fan, and will gladly take Frank Gore,if available. Otherwise, he turns to Steven Jackson.


    Law DogsIn my opinion, the top two tiers of running backs are now gone. We

    are now left with running backs who either share the backfield or aresimply just not as appealing. It was pick No. 9 last year where the firstnon-running back was taken. Could it be No. 8 this year? I doubt it. Fornine seasons Jeff has stuck with selecting a running back. I think Jeffscomputer tells him to take DeAngelo Williams. But with the Pantherspoor preseason and the Law Dogs having Williams in 2009 and finish-ing 8-10, Jeff says no to his computer and selects Cedric Benson.


  • Collins Sin MachinesFor two years in a row, Collins Sin Machines has picked No. 1. Those

    picks were no-brainers. Finally Tommy has to make a real decision.Three years ago, Tommy took a risk at this very pick with LaurenceMaroney coming off a season of 745 rushing yards. Maroney rushed for90 more yards and one fewer touchdown. Come to think of it, perhapshe should have made the Top 10 Bust List (see back page). A surprisepick at No. 9 would be Ryan Mathews, but unless one of the eight afore-mentioned players drop, DeAngelo Williams will be a Machine.


    Alcoholics UnanimousI dont love this pick. Over the past six seasons, half of Alcoholics

    Unanimous picks have come later than pick No. 10. Of those threepicks, PD selected the first wide receiver in the draft twice. He couldeasily do it again with Andre Johnson, or even take the first quarter-back. The other instance was a gamble on rookie Julius Jones in 2004.Ryan Grant is not your typical AU prospect, but last year he gambledon Kevin Smith in Round 2 and got burned. Perhaps for the first timein a long time, AUs first two picks will be safe ones.


    Dazed and ConfusedBrent will take DeAngelo Williams or Ryan Grant if they fall to No. 11,

    but I they are out of the equation. Now, heres an interesting statistic:Dazed and Confused has picked at No. 9 or later four of the past sevendrafts. Three times it was a wide receiver and once it was a quarterback.Does this trend continue in 2010? Yes. I think Brent wants a runningback, but theres too much risk to pull the trigger on anyone besideWilliams or Grant. Aaron Rodgers shined in 2009 and in the preseason,and is expected to be the top quarterback in 2010.


    Sir Allgoods DragonsWhen you rush for more than 1,000 yards and still average 5.9 yards

    per carry, you have something special. But its tough to know how bigof an impact Jamaal Charles will have in 2010 with the addition ofThomas Jones. We all remember the heartache of choosing betweenPriest Holmes or Larry Johnson in Kansas City. Charles could be gonebefore pick No. 12, or he might still be available to the Dragons at No.21. Frank would prefer Ryan Grant (if he drops to No. 12) or may takethe risk in drafting rookie Ryan Mathews.


  • Supernatural Death SquadI think Supernatural Death Squad is one of two teams that are very

    likely to make rookie Ryan Mathews a first round pick. The other team:The Gargoyles. Unfortunately for Alex, Glenn gets the first crack


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