zeanuri school zeanuri bizkaia spain. we are from the basque country. it is in the north of spain...

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ZEANURI SCHOOL ZEANURI BIZKAIA SPAIN Slide 2 Slide 3 we are from the Basque Country. It is in the North of Spain and South of France Slide 4 Our province is Bizkaia and our capital is Bilbao. Slide 5 Our school is situated in Zeanuri a small rural village surrounded by lots of farmhouses and mountains such as Gorbeia (1,475m) and Eniebe (784m) Slide 6 Our school is in Albakoa st. 27. It is an old building and it is getting small for us. This course year there are about 100 pupils (from 2 years old up to twelve) and 14 teachers. Slide 7 Our traditions and sports are very important for us. We are proud of our roots and this reflects on our music, dances, festivals, costumes, dresses... Slide 8 But at the same time time we are open to the world Slide 9 Here we are celebrating Christmas, with "Olentzero" our Santa Claus. Slide 10 We celebrated "The Cultural Week last May. We did it lots of things. This is part of an activity from the "Book Day" Slide 11 Here we are celebrating our carnival last February Slide 12 Gorbeias Cross