Zeitgeist Weekly Report 20-26 Jan 2014

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We take real time information from multiple social media sites and analyse it into positive and negative sentiment. We do this on a wide variety of business sectors and this gives our overall chart on how Ireland is feeling. Maybe now we can finally decide on whether the Irish really are a positive nation or not!


<ul><li> 1. Zeitgeist Consumer Index #ZIndex Weekly Update 20-26 January 2014 Click to Share the #ZIndex </li> <li> 2. Contents Introduction How is Ireland Feeling? What Day is Ireland Happiest? What is Ireland Talking About? Sector Tracker </li> <li> 3. Introduction Zeitgeist Consumer Index is a joint initiative with Amrach Research and Cloud90 which analyses real-time consumer trend information from Irish Twitter users, specifically following the Industry sectors: Beverages Clothing Energy Food Fuel Insurance Property Telecoms Transport Weekly updates and monthly analysis and more information can be found on Cloud90.ie. </li> <li> 4. About Cloud90 Cloud90 monitors public online domains and social media networks 24/7 using something much more advanced than just web crawlers or software packages; people. Based in Dublin and Galway, Cloud90 has over 70 agents who are experts in social media listening and analysis. About Amrach Amrach are an Irish-owned market research organisation dedicated to understanding social media and delivering those insights to our clients. </li> <li> 5. How is Ireland Feeling? For the week 20-26 January 2014 the overall mood of the nation according to Zeitgeist Consumer Index was 56% negative and 44% positive. This shows a 5% decrease in negative sentiment on the previous week. </li> <li> 6. What Day is Ireland Happiest? For the week 20-26 January 2014, Irish Twitter users were happiest on Thursday and least happy on Sunday. Last week, Irish Twitter users were happiest on a Monday and least happy on a Sunday. </li> <li> 7. What is Ireland Talking About? Top 3 industry sectors discussed during the week 20-26 January 2014, are Transport, Telecoms and Food. Last week, popular topics were Telecoms, Fuel and Food. </li> <li> 8. Sector Tracker The most positive topics for the basis of consumer tweets during the week 20-26 January 2014 are Insurance, Property and Telecoms. The most negative topics are Beverages, Food and Transport. Last week, the most negative topics were Transport, Clothing and Beverages. The most positive topics were Fuel, Property and Energy. </li> <li> 9. Get in Touch If you would like to hear more about Zeitgeist Consumer Index get in touch with Cloud90 or Amrach Research on the contact details below: Cloud90 Email: info@cloud90.ie Telephone: +353 1 2568642 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cloud90HQ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cloud90HQ Web: http://cloud90.ie/ Amrach Research Email: info@amarach.com Telephone: +353 1 4105200 Twitter: https://twitter.com/amarachresearch Web: http://www.amarach.com Click to Share the #ZIndex </li> </ul>