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  • Hi Everyone,

    All projects can be turned in by taking pictures of work and emailing it to me: rvalladares@turlock.k12.ca.us.

    Another option is to turn in work when we return April 20th. –Ms. Valladares

    Zentangle Hand


  • Create your Zentangle hand in the space provided.

  • Color Worksheet

  • Color Review

    1. What is color theory?

    2. What is color?

    3. Give an example of a complementary pair.

    4. What is the difference between warm colors and cool colors?

    5. What is monochromatic and how does a monochromatic color scale work?

    6. Give an example of an analogous color group.

    7. What are the primary colors?

    8. Which two primary colors make the secondary color green?

    9. What is an intermediate color made of?

    10. What is the difference between a black and white artwork and a monochromatic artwork?

  • Monochromatic Artwork

  • Create your monochromatic artwork in the space provided.

  • Modigliani Portraits

  • Create your Modigliani artwork in the space provided.