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ZONEZ A Woodstock on Every Block Coachella on Every Corner

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ZONEZA Woodstock on Every Block

Coachella on Every Corner

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PROBLEM:• While fashion apparel industry in US is $200 billion, live music

industry $10 billion and art dealer industry $9 billion, LESS THAN 1% of independent artists are able to participate in majority of profits

• Creative artists such as musicians, painters, & fashion designers do not have opportunity to present their works to public in prime, high foot traffic real estate locations (ex. Bloomingdales, SF Museum of Modern Art, Fillmore Music Hall) and generally do not like dealing with business/marketing as opposed to actually creating art

• City Economic Development Agencies and Business Improvement Districts (BID) in secondary/tertiary markets face challenges in managing data and how it relates to stimulating local retail economic ZONES and tourism

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SOLUTION:• Hybrid online/offline marketplace app based on “Artwalk” model and

fashion retail "pop-up" fashion trend where THOUSANDS of people attend local events despite having NO major marquee name performer or brand making it easier for artists to do nationwide tours

• Back-end of app functions as user friendly, all-in-one CRM/marketing solution for artists which will feature Blockchain, Geo Mapping/RFID and QR code scanning capabilities making it easier to follow up with fans who have discovered them and increase sales

• User friendly, data analytics app for local economic development agencies and BIDS to leverage IoT demographic data in determining ideal locations and best days/times to hold street festivals

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30,000Monthly Visitors Oakland

First Friday Artwalk

"What keeps me up at night is staying on top of data, spending patterns and cultural experiences that grows the community"

- Santa Clarita Economic Development Business Associate

"If there was something that would help manage data such as unemployment rate,

new businesses and labor participation better and how it translated into real jobs

would be helpful"

– Los Angeles Economic Development Business Team

25,000Monthly Visitors

L.A. Artwalk

20,000Monthly Visitors Las Vegas

First Friday Artwalk

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# of Musicians &Composers# of Painters, Sculptors &

Craft Artists

Source: Princeton Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies / U.S. Economic Development Administration / Economic Development Directory / Bureau of Labor Statistics / International Downtown Association


# of Economic Development Agencies / Groups


# of Fashion Designers


# of Business Improvement Districts (BID)



# of DJs

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Multi-platformmarketplaceappthatutilizesIoT opendatatoworkwithEconomicDevelopmentagencies/BIDstofindideallocationsandtimestoholdeventswhilesimultaneouslyusinggeo-mappingRFIDtechnology/QRscanningtomakeiteasyforfanstoconnectandpurchasefromartists.BackendwillalsoserveasCRM/salesanalyticstoolforartists

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COMPETITION• LiveNation• MajorretailstoreslikeBloomingdales,Forever21,UrbanOutfitters• Localclubs,barsandgeneralnightlifeentertainment• Pre-existingArtwalks andsimilaroutdoorevents• ArtGalleries• MailChimp• SalesForce

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COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES• WearefocusedontheARTISTfirstandforemost.• Beingmusiciansandartistsourselves,credibilityisimportantsoourcompanyDNAistocontinuouslysupporttheindependentartistwhichwilltranslatetomoreartistadoption.• WesucceedONLYiftheartistsucceedsandthisisevidentinourmonetizationmodel• FirsttomarketBlueOceanStrategy

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Cyrus JulianCEO/Founder

SF native, hippie without the hair

20 years commercial &residential finance and sales

in CA, HI and Tokyo Guitar player & drummer(wife is fashion designer)

Daniel AguilarArtist Relations/Co-Founder

UC Berkeley Graduate inAnthropology

Drummer, DJ & guitarHas opened for major

acts such as Lynryd Skynyrd,Joe Cocker, English Beat

& Cyndi Lauper

Azsa WestCreative Director/Branding/


Wieden + Kennedy inPortland, NY, Berlin &

TokyoCalifornia College of the Arts

GraduateSinger, painter, fashion

designer, keyboard

Alvin CeballosChief Technology Officer/


15 years Software DesignEngineer/QA

Extensive knowledge offinancial and marketplace

platformsBachelor of Science, CS

Magna Cum Laude