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    Zoology BSc (Hons)

  • Zoology BSc (Hons)

    The course material is reallyinteresting and the lecturers aregreat as they are always willing tohelp.

    Danielle Clewley, graduate

    Why choose this course?This course is recognised by the Societyof Biology. This means that on graduationyou'll meet the requirements for AssociateMembership of the Society of Biology andcan apply for full membership followingappropriate professional experience. Wealso work closely with the DerbyshireWildlife Trust, who provide access to theirreserves for you to use on field trips andon a voluntary basis if you wish to.

    About the courseThis course focuses on animal biologysuch as molecular biology, genetics and

    What youll coverecology. But you'll also cover a widerange of topics such as wildlifeconservation, physiology and animalbehaviour to give you a broad knowledgeof zoology.

    How youll learnYou'll be taught through lectures andtutorials, supported by hands onpracticals and fieldwork. You could go ona seal watch on the east coast, studyanimal interaction at Twycross Zoo andspend a week completing a project inMajorca or Scotland. Youll also conductan independent research project todevelop your analytical skills andspecialise in an area of your choice.

    Your careerYou could work in wildlife management,conservation agencies, the media, or theenvironmental and ecosystemmanagement sector. Or you could go intoteaching, conduct research or work in themuseums sector. Youll develop yourintellectual, personal and technical skillsto boost your CV and meet the needs ofemployers. You could study further bytaking our MSc Conservation Biology,which gives you training in conservationmethods in the UK and abroad, with anoptional field visit to the jungles ofSingapore.

    Additional informationMost of our teaching team are activeresearchers, like Professor Karim Vahedwho is a world expert in the sexualbehaviour of invertebrates. Youll also betaught by visiting professionals. At themoment this includes Professor GeorgeMcGavin, a celebrated scientist, authorand TV presenter on the BBC wildlifeprogrammes.

    What youll coverYou can tailor your degree to your owninterests by choosing a range of modulesin specialist areas. During stage threeyoull complete an independent studygiving you the opportunity to personalisethe degree further. Well also support youif you decide to do a work placement instage three, which we stronglyrecommend. This will allow you to applythe skills and knowledge you have gainedon your course and apply them in a workenvironment.


    Molecular and Cellular Biology Human Biology Evolution of Life

    Ecology Genetics Invasion of the LandSTAGE ONE

    OptionsStage TwoYoull choose two of these optionalmodules: Rainforests,

    Deserts andOceans

    Microbiology Biological Basis

    of AnimalBehaviour

    Field Biology Developmental



    The HumanGenome

    Oncology andImmunology




    Stage ThreeYoull choose two of these optionalmodules:

    Where you will study: Derby Campus Kedleston Road site.

    Entry requirements: Academic 260 UCAS tariff points, ofwhich at least 220 must be from yourInternational Baccalaureate or equivalentqualification.

    Language A qualification such as IELTS6.0 (with a minimum of 5.5 in all areas) orTOEFL 550 (paper based), 213(computer based), 80 (internet based).See our website for other acceptedqualifications or phone us: +44 (0)1332 591698.

    Duration: 3 years full time

    Course fees: 10,225* per year*These fees apply if you are starting this course between

    September 2013 and August 2014. We recommend you

    check fees as they can change. Costs can increase each year.

    Start date: September

    UCAS Code: C300



    Ecosystems Vertebrate Biology Option

    InvertebratesEvolutionary and Forensic


    AGE TW




    Independent Studies for Biological and Forensic


    Advanced Methods in Zoology Option

    Applied Entomology Option



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