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  • 1. Blogging For Irish Businesses

2. BrightsparkBlogThe ups and downs of running an internet business in Dublin Typepad ->Blogger ->WordpressLaunched in June 2003. 3. BrightsparkBlog718 posts (since 2008) | 1,015 approved comments Awards there have been some 4. What & Why Blog? Usually - but not always - written by 1personUpdated regularlyWritten on a topic but that can be anything!Great for search engine optimisationDrives traffic to your website Humanises your organisationTell your storyyour visionPromotes your servicesShare 5. Great Irish Blogs 6. Great Irish Blogs 7. Great Irish Blogs 8. Great Irish Blogs 9. Great Irish Blogs 10. Great Irish Blogs 11. Great Irish Blogs 12. How To Do It Right Planning Personality Perseverance Promoting 13. 1. Planning Who is your audience? What will your blog be about? Are there similar ones out there? 14. 2. Personality Reveal yourself Dont be afraid to have opinions Tell stories Relate things from real life 15. 3. PerseveranceMake A Plan and stick to it! 16. 4. PromotingGoogle is your number 1 What are your target search terms Categories/TagsGoogle Authorship Read other blogs Comment. Guest Post Social links Twitter Facebook 17. Thank you for listening! Any questions?