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<p>Community Building Oost Boswinkel</p> <p>1Community building EnschedeNetherlands</p> <p>Johan Oude BreuilProgrammanager Neighborhood2Neighborhood East Boswinkel</p> <p>3Apartments East Boswinkel</p> <p>4Improving dwellings and neighborhoodAttractiveness of the dwellings : easy rent or not; tenant satisfaction; technical condition/ maintenance. </p> <p>Liveability and safety: satisfaction with Neighborhood; safety index (objective by numbers and subjective by perception inhabitants; expected development into coming 5 years.</p> <p>Social economic situation: household income; unemployment benefits; degree of participation in civil society; etc. </p> <p>Conclusion: demolish 339 apartments and family houses and rebuilt 72 apartments and 115 family houses (for sale and for rent)</p> <p>5Goals projectNew program: 207 dwellings115 social housing for rent (1/3 apartments)92 dwellings for sale (1/3 apartements)Green quality in the NeighborhoodMixture sale and rentStimulate diversity on all frontsFreedom of choices and active contribution inhabitantsBuilding a sustainable community</p> <p>6Tenants involvementTheoretical frameworkMethodologies7Theoretical frameworkClose customer / tenantPresent and available in the NeighborhoodShort lines and promise is a promiseChoices for the customer / tenantparticipation Ladder (information, advice, co-creation and own decisions)</p> <p>8Methodologies in processResearch housing needs (2008)Design workshop; charrette and lifestyle (2013)Choose your place in the Neighborhood (2014)Choose with your neighbours your builder(2014)</p> <p>Research housing needs 910Design workshop; charrette and lifestyle </p> <p>11Boundary conditionsMaintain existing infrastructure (above and below ground)Program of rent and sale Urbanite wall along main roadRegulate water balance (in altitude)Saving existing threes</p> <p>12ParticipantsReturning rentersNewly recruited tenantsNeighbours East BoswinkelEnschede municipality different departmentsSelected builders BoswinkelStakeholders in the Neighborhood as welfare, entrepreneursAll other interested parties / people13Design Workshops / charrette Living in general in East BoswinkelPublic areas (playgrounds, walk, dogs etc)Energy (durability)Parking, traffic and routes through the NeighborhoodTrees, paths and perception of the greenArchitecture of houses and apartments14Lifestyle research</p> <p>15Values life style researchCosy NeighborhoodTraditionalChild friendlyVillage in the cityNatureTaking care of each other (social cohesion)We translated these values into architecture and image quality16Results of the design workshop/ charrette</p> <p>Mixes and live (buy / rent, houses and apartments)Green heartsSaving existing greenEnergy parkSocial safety and parkingDifferent routingCollective energySocial cohesionTaking care of each other1617Proposed architecture</p> <p>18Mixture rent and sale</p> <p>1819Chose your spot/ house</p> <p>20Option market builders</p> <p>21Social renting houses</p> <p>22</p> <p>Apartments and elderly housing23Thank you for paying attention</p> <p>Johan Oude BreuilProgrammamanager Wijken</p>