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  • 1 NewSouth HR Reporting Running the Accounting Distributions Report
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  • 2 Select New South HR by a left mouse click once on NewSouth HR icon
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  • 3 Select Inquiries and Reporting
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  • 4 Select Reporting
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  • 5 Select Financial Information
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  • 6 Select Account Distributions
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  • 7 Name the run control e.g. accounting_distributions A Run Control ID is an identifier or title given to a specific report to allow use of the same parameters in the future. Alternatively, you may choose to use the same Run Control ID for every report (e.g. your initials) and redefine all parameters each time a report is run. Enter the chosen Run Control ID. For the Accounting Distributions report the Dept Id Data Source will always be CENTRAL on this panel, click
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  • 8 Define parameters to include the required date and account details As of Date: Enter the As Of Date or click to access a dropdown calendar. This can be any date
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  • 9 Department: There are 3 methods of defining the Department 1)enter the Department ID if known 2)click to access a dropdown list of Department IDs If unsure of the DeptID, search for it by entering part of the department code (Note: case sensitive) in Department field, click, highlight the required DeptID from the list returned and click
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  • 10 Department: 3) search for the DeptID using the tree on the right hand side of the panel. Expand the relevant folders to find the Department by clicking on. Highlight the required DeptID and click to populate the Department field.
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  • 11 next to the DeptID indicates lower level departments. Choose to include lower level departments in the report by checking You can also include unfilled positions by checking
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  • 12 Click to run the report. The first time a report is run you are required to select a server.
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  • 13 Select server PSNT and click to run the report.
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  • 14 Take note of the Process Instance number.
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  • 15 Go > PeopleTools > Process Monitor to check the status of the report.
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  • 16 Click the icon to refresh the display on the Process Monitor. When the report status reads Success proceed to collect the report from the NSS Report Web page.
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  • 17 To view the report click on the Citrix session and select
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  • 18 Select
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  • 19 Enter your User name and Password and select
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  • 20 Select Accounting Distributions from the list of Distributed Reports under Higher Education, Adhoc Reports matching the date and process instance number noted earlier. Note: The report will not appear on the list of Distributed Reports on the website if the parameters by which the report is run capture no data.
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  • 21 Scroll down the panel and select the report icon
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  • 22 Select the print icon to print the report to a NSS networked printer.