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  1. 1. Homestead, Oakland, CA 13 Reasons Why I Became An Entrepreneur
  2. 2. We asked 13 successful crowdfunding small business owners, Why did you become an entrepreneur?
  3. 3. I want the money I earn to be the whole dollar instead of a nickel from someone else's dollar. Success for me would be having creative license and making a sustainable profit from my passion. This Must Be Kismet (Convertible Kid's Clothing), Chicago, IL
  4. 4. I always knew I didn't want a 9-5 desk job. I wanted to be creative and my own boss. I always thought I had good ideas. It feels awesome when others agree and enjoy your products. My vision of success is living out my life doing what I love and still have time to enjoy my life with my husband, family and friends. Working constantly and making tons of money isn't success to me. Esta-Joy's Kitchen, New York, NY
  5. 5. Success is being able to pay my employees, myself, and become a necessary part of my customers lives. Dechets a l'Or, Queens, NY
  6. 6. I decided to become an entrepreneur after serving in the Peace Corps and realizing that I needed market forces to create a greater impact. Success looks like when I can go back to my Peace Corps village and everyone there is eating moringa. Kuli Kuli, Oakland, CA
  7. 7. I love being creative! Success is the ability to create :) Gothic Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
  8. 8. BridgeSet Sound, Philadelphia, PA I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Success is seeing others enjoy, appreciate and support your work.
  9. 9. I became an entrepreneur by simply creating something I wanted for myself, but for other people. Success will look like a sustainable business with a great team. Out of the Box Collective, Chatsworth, CA
  10. 10. Live 2 Learn Differently Inc, Brandon, FL Freedom and control over my time is success
  11. 11. I decided to become an entrepreneur to build something myself and fill a need. Success looks like the business becoming sustainable and affording me the ability to get out/take a step back. The Fresh Connection, Brooklyn, NY
  12. 12. Farm to Fork Catering, Louisville, KY It was an accident. Success to me is having a profitable purpose based business where clients, employees, vendors, investors, and the owner (ME) are happy.
  13. 13. The Founding Moms, Oak Park, IL I did it because I felt compelled to! Success is creating a market to buy your product or service.
  14. 14. I became an entrepreneur to become the person that I want to be, to harness my creative talents and skills and to build a replicable business built with integrity that supports community and regional food systems. TonTons Artisan Affections, Talent, OR
  15. 15. I could not work a regular job due to my daughter's life threatening chronic illness. I've been fired for having to leave and care for her and rush to the hospital. I needed something flexible but something I could call a career and not a job. Working for myself was the best decision I ever made. 8 Bit Bakeshop, Queens, NY
  16. 16. Entrepreneurship is thriving. A global community is pushing it forward.
  17. 17. Kiva Zip is a community of people crowdfunding 0% interest microloans to small business owners Banana Manna, Greenville, SC
  18. 18. The Kiva Zip community envisions a world where human relationships are restored into the heart of the financial system Photo: Flick (CC: mrhayata)
  19. 19. Neu Root Farm, Racine, WI Small business owners are economically empowered by the strength of their character, rather than financially excluded by their lack of collateral
  20. 20. Project your vision. Build your future. Social Club Grooming Company, Detroit, MI
  21. 21. Wild Haven Fiber Company, Milwaukee, WI Learn more about Kiva Zip


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