17 useful magento extensions for your ecommerce store

Download 17 useful Magento Extensions for your ecommerce store

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17 useful Magento extensions for your ecommerce store

17 useful Magento extensions for your ecommerce store

An online store always has the need to compete to take the lead. With the latest marketing tools and online strategies set in action by the competition, it is indeed a pretty tough call. Magento-based stores have always had great flexibility, especially with a great range of Magento extensions. Here is a list of 17 best Magento extensions that could work wonders on your ecommerce store.

1.Magento WordPress Integration

A brilliant extension created by Fishpig Magento WordPress Integration, makesMagento store work hand-in-hand with your official blog which you can base on the venerable WordPress. Hassle-free, with seamless integration of the features from Magento and WordPress it also permits the usage of the same URLs for both software installations.Why youll love this extensionSEO you can become an eye grabber! Magento WordPress Integration can positively make your ecommerce site rank higher in search engine rankings.

2.Magento Delete Orders

With Delete Orders extension, you can delete orders; selectively, individually or even in bulks from your Magento store!Why youll love this extensionThe best and simplest way to delete test orders: a facility which Magento does not provide by default. You do not require any knowledge of the database to carry out this function and it works perfectly on all Magento versions since 1.4!

3.SERP Editor

In SEO parlance, SERP (Search Engine Result Page), is the page that Google shows, as a result to every search query.SERP Editor provides the option to edit targeted keywords, long-tail keywords, ad posts: thecrucial bits of information that search engines value.Why youll love this extensionThe more often your store becomes visible, greater are the chances of increased CTR (Click Through Rate), visitors and them turning into customers.

4.Lesti FPC

Lesti_Fpc is a must-have Magento extension to impress your customer with the super fast loading time and performance of your store.this internal full page cache for Magento comes without the need for any external software like the popular Varnish cache.Why youll love this extensionEasy configuration, free installation, replaces dynamic blocks or lazy blocks before sending a response to customer and has great customer reviews, too!

5.One Step Checkout

The smart extension that provides your customers with exactly what they need from an online store: easy, quick and pressure free checkout.With this extension, you can build your page to have Shipping Details, Payment Method, Preferable Date of Delivery, Order Review, and several other choices to meet customer preferences. One Step Checkout has been designed with auto-suggestion options on Zip Code and State Names.Why youll love this extensionThis Magento extension is indeed a foolproof method to minimize distraction from purchase and guarantees better conversions.


MatrixRate is an efficient and helpful Magento extension to ease administrative overheads related to shipping charges.This software calculates and delivers the total sum to be paid by your customer, taking into account- destination, quantity or number of products in the shopping cart and weight of the shopping cart.Why youll love this extensionMatrixRate thrives in speed and accuracy, provides you with the choice of not to miss out on critical details of shipping.

7.Out of stock notification

This software, works for the better, benefitting both you, the admin and your customers. While it provides features to help the customer stay informed on product updates and availability, it also helps the admin be aware of the product and price changes that are required to be updated.Why youll love this extensionFrom a business point of view, you get the most valuable report on the products that are fast selling on your store.

8.Price Bargain

As the name suggests, this Magento extension facilitates bargaining on the product price.The price suggested by the customer reaches the admin, who can then choose between the options ofAccept, Reject or Suggest New Price.Why youll love this extensionPrice Bargaining is an excellent idea to promote sales, keep the customer engaged and keep them coming back for more.

9.Daily Deal

Daily Deal allows you to set deals on your products. You can set deals on products every day or even on an hourly basis (customizable), fix a countdown on the deal, notify the customer on discounts and saving benefits on the product, show the customer information like the number of products sold and still available on the deal, etc.Why youll love this extensionCustomers will love this! Increases sales, promotes your visibility on social media, very likely to bring your store publicity through word of mouth.

10.Magic Zoom Plus

Images being the most important aspect of the online store, Magic Zoom Plus Magento extension promises the best for you. This extension provides your customer with the best possible view of your products.Why youll love this extensionWhile Magic Zoom Plus provides you frontend themes and easy to scroll options, thumbnails, etc., it also handles backend working quite effortlessly.

11.Extended Product Grid with Editor

This extension allows you to edit the product grid to suit the details and needs of your business. The extension comes with the features that allow you to add all details on every product on your ecommerce store.Why youll love this extensionA thorough, hassle-free record on product details is a must for any store, and this Magento extension provides just that.Comes with W3C validated code and follows Magento Code Architecture, easy customization and 100% Open Source.

12.Zopim Live Chat

Zopim Live Chat bridges the gap between your customers and you, giving you an ability to interact with your customers in real-time. Zopim sports advanced features to monitor visitors entry, location, history, current URL, repeated visits to the site and product.Why youll love this extensionYou not alone have the facility to set triggers to pop up chat widgets, but the extension comes with the feature of being browser friendly and all-device friendly, available in over 40 languages and comes with an average uptime of 99.8%.


This is a Magento extension that works to boost sales and your stores ranking; the dashboard allows the admin to incorporate features to increase customer engagement. Comes with interesting features like Refer-a-Friend, Behavioural Targeting, Contests and Giveaways, Dynamic Retargeting, Smart Sharing Buttons (to share your products and offers on social media), etc.Why youll love this extensionAddShoppers is a great tool to identify your setbacks and leave room for no more.

14.Layered Navigation Pro

Install Layered Navigation Pro to bring in SEO friendly URLs that facilitate navigation, drop downs, multiple categorization of products, brand and color coded filtration, price slider control (a must have feature that lets customers narrow down on products within their budgets), and many more.Why youll love this extensionWith the efficient filtering systems and multiple-language support, simple installation and configuration, Layered Navigation Pro is never a bad choice for your Magento store.

15.Easy FAQ Extension

Advanced FAQ is the Magento extension that lets your customers ask questions, be informed of your services, and also get comfortable in shopping with your online store.You can categorize and organize the FAQ section the top FAQs can be placed to appear first, set individual FAQ blocks for each product, etc.Why youll love this extensionThe extension supports all major browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.

16.Yotpo Reviews

With this Magento extension, customers can place their reviews on the product purchased, which could then be beneficial to audience with similar interests. Customer reviews on an online store is a sign of a store that is thriving.Why youll love this extensionThe extension can be modified to gel well with your website, its widgets can be placed anywhere you prefer and the Mail After Purchase sent to customers is done without any lag.

17.M2E Pro

Integrate eBay, Amazon and Rakuten platforms into your Magento store using a single extension M2E Pro!Ordering stock, monitoring sales, product updates, and all aspects of order import and stock level synchronization from a single dashboard.Why youll love this extensionTo maintain logs on listings, product price updates on multiple platforms, marketing log and to carry out flexible transactions, opt for M2E Pros one single dashboard that would bring them all together for you.