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Twitter marketing is one of the most effectively used tools by recent internet businesses. The popularity of a tweet signifies the impact of a marketing campaign. Many research have been performed on twitter data and dozens of analytic insight is available on web. This eBook is Getting it all together at one place. Having people work for you and retweet your tweets is not a easy task anymore. Thousands of people are constantly trying to do it and keep failing. Even if you post very interesting stuff not many people are going to notice it and very few will retweet it. How some experts keep doing it again and again. Many twitter power users are constantly in twitter trending topics and keep frequent retweets. Becoming a twitter power user is not as easy as it sounds, however if you can master these trick to get more retweets you may be on the right path to become a power user.


<ul><li><p>20 Guaranteed Ways to Get More Retweets</p><p>On Your Next Tweet</p></li><li><p>Retweets Are AwesomeOne cannot retweet ones own tweets. However, if your tweets are made public, others can retweet you. Retweeting (RT) essentially means re-posting somebody elses tweet.</p><p>The chances of getting more retweets are slim if your Twitter message is unsightly. </p><p>The best part about Twitter is you dont have to always create content that is catchy. Knowing how to share your content is the crux. Also, the number of times a tweet can be retweeted is limitless. A retweet is little perks that somebody liked what you shared. But, what makes a Twitter user retweet? </p><p>Here are some the tips to attract more retweets.</p></li><li><p>Tweet Something Humorous You heighten the chances of retweeting, if </p><p>your messages are informative or something funny.</p><p> Typically, something attractive in appearance. (a funny picture)</p><p> or something affects senses get noticed quickly. (jokes)</p><p> Whether you make fun of a rock star or yourself, you invite other Twitter users.</p><p> Reddit jokes is one of best place to find some jokes and funny stuff.</p></li><li><p>Ask For Retweets Ask people to share or retweet. </p><p> Add pls RT or Retweet at the end of your every tweet so you are increasing the chances of getting more retweets. </p><p> You may also use smart sounding words such as circulate or spread to attract more retweets. </p></li><li><p>Dont Use The Least Tweeted WordsAvoid the least retweetable words. According to Dan Zarrella, the here are the 20 least retweetable words:</p><p>BedWellSleepGonnaHeyTomorrowTiredSomeBackBoredListeningNight</p><p>GameGoingHahaLolButWatchingWorkHome</p></li><li><p>Time Your Tweets Understandably, you will invite more retweets if </p><p>you make more people see your tweet. You have to tweet at the right time. </p><p> Tweet when more users are logged in. Statistics say that more tweets happen at around 5pm </p><p> and for tweeting, Wednesday is the best day. Buffer is the best app to schedule your tweets.</p></li><li><p>Share Quotes Most people are influenced </p><p>by witty quotes and people rarely fail to retweet them. </p><p> The best thing about quotes is that your dont have to devote your grey cells to create them. Any of the Twitter users might have already done that for you. </p><p> BrainyQuotes.com is a good resource for quotes</p></li><li><p>Add Interesting Links Dan Zarella has pointed out in The </p><p>Science of the Retweets that considerable percentage of all retweets consisted of a link. </p><p> Sharing links is a great way to let people know that you have depth. Share with them what you are reading, regardless of the topic. You can share your hobbies, pets, mobile phone reviews or politics.</p><p> People sometimes like to retweet links. These links can be colloquially called RT links.</p><p> Prefer URL Shortener like Bit.ly for conveneince.</p></li><li><p>Pay For Retweets Twitter Ads gives you the option to promote </p><p>and buy retweets. You pay some money and you can get some RTs. </p><p> Twitter Ads is Not Always Available to all accounts. </p><p> You can also try BillionFollowers.com to buy few retweets. </p></li><li><p>Optimal Length of TweetsA recent research from Dan Zarrella points out that tweets between 100- 115 character length are 34% more likely to be retweeted. </p><p>Detailed Research can be found on his site.</p></li><li><p>Mention A High Profile User In Your Tweet Mentioning a celebritys name who has </p><p>more fans is a good idea for attracting more retweets. So, start mentioning the celebritys name in your tweet. </p><p> If your business has nothing to do with celebrities you may want to attract power users in your domain. Mention them and sometimes you may get a reply back.</p><p> Twitaholic is a website that can show you the list of popular users on twitter. </p></li><li><p>Use Simple Words Study Shows Average vocabulary size of an </p><p>adult is 20,000 to 30,000 words. Do not use lengthy or complex words. Simple words are really smart sounding </p><p>when it comes to Twitter. Using complex words on the contrary does </p><p>not encourage retweets. </p></li><li><p>Use Hash-Tags Twitter users have lately realized that tweets with hash-</p><p>tags are more noticed and increase the chances of Retweeting. </p><p> Study sugget that more than a million tweets include hash-tags.</p><p> Dont Know How to Use Hashtags - Checkout this beginners guide by Mashable for hashtags.</p><p> Here are some brilliant tips to use hashtags smartly.</p></li><li><p>Be Bold Boldly share your life incidents on Twitter. You may include your ideas, opinions and </p><p>interesting stuff on it. Retweeting is more pronounced if they are </p><p>presented in a striking manner.</p></li><li><p>Post Less Frequently People will look away if you post all that </p><p>comes in your mind. So, keep your tweets short, crisp and gripping.</p><p> Schedule your tweets to limit them not more than 3-4 tweets per day.</p></li><li><p>Flesh Out Your ProfileLet users know how interesting you are. One way you can exhibit your personality is by writing an amusing profile. Mention what you love, hate, important events in the past and what you have envisioned in the future. Never leave your profile vacant.</p></li><li><p>User The 1/9 Tweet RuleTwitter can be used as a tool for promotion. If you are into Twitter with this as the paramount idea, then adopt the practice of sharing 9 posts about something other than you or your business.</p></li><li><p>Share Your OpinionsMost people like following and reading other peoples opinions. They are keen to know how others think and what makes them so interesting. Try this option today and you will see a change in the way your tweets are perceived.</p></li><li><p>Write A BlogTwitter is amazing when it comes to sharing sound bites. However, sometimes there will be a need for you to elaborate on that sound bite. For instance, tweets that are initiated by news on a celebrity or a reputed organization, will help direct the stream of your followers to your blog post.</p></li><li><p>Ask QuestionsSharing a link is less appealing when compared to sharing the link and asking questions about them. This way, you actually get people involved in the discussion with you. </p></li><li><p>Share PicturesA picture talks more than thousand words. Twitter lets you share pictures. Post the pictures when you are traveling to exotic locales or any other place, or post some snaps of an event that you attended.</p><p>Best Resources For Finding Interesting Pictures are StumbleUpon Pinterest </p></li><li><p>Share VideosPosting videos is a great way of attracting your followers on Twitter. Videos can keep them engaged because most people love watching videos.</p><p>Some sites to find interesting videos to share</p><p> Youtube Vimeo</p></li><li><p>Thank You</p><p>Did you find this document useful?</p><p>Please Share With Your Friends.</p></li></ul>