"20 simple ways to find happiness in everyday life" by Stephanie Chan, Life Coach


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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>20 simple ways to find happiness in everyday life </p> <p>Ask many people what they want in life and theyll say I just want to be happy</p> <p>But what is happiness? An accident? An achievement? A delusion?</p> <p>Happiness doesnt rely on gaining more things thats just gratification.And the problem with gratification is that its temporary. Youll always want more.</p> <p>Happiness is those moments in the vacuum between unease, dissatisfaction or suffering. Buddhists refer to it as the absence of desire.</p> <p>Learning to manage your emotions and desires can dramatically increase your time spent in the happiness vacuum.These 20 tips will help you lead a happier life</p> <p>Our demands are endless and cannot be satisfied. If you are runningafter something today, tomorrow youll be chasing something else. Stop chasing &amp; start BEINGStop Chasing</p> <p>Comparing yourself to others is untruthful. NO ONE is as happy asthey appear. Dont be fooled, give yourself a break from all the ways that you compare.Dont Compare</p> <p>Refuse to accept negative thoughts</p> <p>Negative thoughts are not the truth, merely your brain being unhelpfully helpful. Your thoughts are not reality, and you have a choice of which ones to accept.</p> <p>Stop making Everything about you</p> <p>Being self-deprecating or concerned about what others think of you is actually self-centred youre making it all about you. Instead think of how you can help and serve others.</p> <p>Be mindful</p> <p>Accept your present without being judgmental of yourself or others.There is immense joy and peace in just BEING.</p> <p>Forget ThePastHanging on to the past is just hanging on to a hope that it could have been different. It cant. See it as an opportunity to learn to do something different next time, and set your focus firmly on your future.</p> <p>ExploreExpand your mind and your life by exploring new places. Explore new cultures and meet new people.</p> <p>Be Responsible</p> <p>Dont blame others for the difficulties you are going through or the state of your life. We often blame everyone or everything else. Only when you accept responsibility can you begin to control the results.</p> <p>Meditate</p> <p>Meditation allows you that small interval in your day when you can just BE. In an ever faster world it is essential to find these moments. Make time.</p> <p>Spend time with loved ones</p> <p>Life is about meaningful connections. Make them happen.</p> <p>Help others</p> <p>All humans feel a strong need to contribute, add value, and thereby feel valued. Youll be amazed how much perspective youll gain, and how much better youll feel, when you start helping other people.</p> <p>Surround yourself with positive people</p> <p>You will soak up what you are surrounded by, so filter your friends and acquaintances and make sure they pass your standards for positivity.</p> <p>Do what you love</p> <p>Let passion be your compass. When we do things we love, we feel on purpose. If you dont yet know, you wont find out sitting on the couch just try a heap of new things and youll stumble across your passions.</p> <p>Dont Expect</p> <p>Ever noticed that people with the best of everything seem to be the most fussy and dissatisfied? The difference between our expectation and the outcome is the source of misery.</p> <p>Always Smile</p> <p>Just the act of smiling can change your mood. Add good body posture and a great song to dance to, and youll be in the happy zone!</p> <p>Accept the change</p> <p>Change is inevitable. You can choose how you view it is it fearful or is it opportunity? See all change as something that will bring about a better state of being, and focus on a great outcome.</p> <p>Watch Your Words</p> <p>Language is everything. Especially the language in our heads. Be aware of what your inner voice is telling you, and consciously swap words that are not helpful to ones that support you.</p> <p>Care for your body</p> <p>Happiness and health are inseparable. You cannot reach your potential if your body is fighting an endless bombardment of toxins and you feel sluggish and tired.</p> <p>Stop looking for the one big thing:</p> <p>Unfortunately most people are looking for that one, massive thing that will change their life it doesnt exist. Happiness comes in the thousands of tiny things you do each day.</p> <p>Guard what you let into your mind</p> <p>TV and media will always present doom and gloom or unachievable states because thats what sells. Be careful what you watch and read, it affects you more than you know.</p> <p>Stephanie ChanSydney ,NSW, AustraliaLife Coach, Personal Coach, Relationship CoachPersonal coaching to fast-track your success in any area of lifeWebsite:www.stephaniechanlifecoaching.com.auClaim a Free 1Hr Intro Coaching Session!</p>