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2013 Benchmarking Presentation - Museum Benchmarks


  • 1. 2013 IAMFA Benchmarking Survey Results and TrendsKeith McClanahan Facility Issues (928) 213-9767 keithmcc@facilityissues.com

2. Benchmarking Bench . mark . ing: The search for industry best practices that lead to superior performance 3. IAMFA Prior Conference Feedback Hot topics: Continue/ expand hot topics discussion to provide more value Networking time More of it Use lunch time for networking not presentations Fewer presentations with more time for discussionsjust a few presentations 4. IAMFA Prior Conference Feedback Provide the final report after the conference Design the conference to provide maximum value to the attendees Understand reasons for cost variations 5. IAMFA Steering Committee Brent Adams, Library of Congress Joe Brennan, San Francisco MOMA David Conine, Folger Shakespeare Library Kendra Gastright, Smithsonian Institution Oren Gray, J. Paul Getty Trust Patrick Jones, Art Institute of Chicago Guy Larocque, Canadian Museum of Civilization Keith McClanahan & Stacey Wittig, Facility Issues Linda McMillian & Jack Plumb, National Library of Scotland James Moisson, Harvard Art Museums Randy Murphy, LA County Museum of Art Rich Reinert, Philadelphia Museum of Art David Sanders, Natural History Museum Greg Simmons, Architect of the Capitol Tony Young, Carnegie Museums 6. IAMFA Steering Committee Major Responsibilities Review and adjustment of survey questions for meaningful results Assistance in identifying new participants Format and layout of report Guidance in establishing the Benchmarking Practices and Learning Workshop Always looking for ways to improve & add value 7. IAMFA Survey Fees: Returning participant - $1549 (before sponsors - $1899) Our sponsors:Lunch: Whiting-Turner New participant - $999 Energy Survey - $499 NEW Occupancy Survey: $600 8. IAMFA Survey Fees: Fee includes: On line survey Technical support Printed report On line filtered reports Benchmarking Practices and Learning Workshop 9. IAMFA Schedule 10. IAMFA Process: 1.Develop Benchmarks & Reach Consensus 2. Enroll 11. IAMFA Benchmarking Process: 1.Define Benchmarks & Reach Consensus 2. Enroll Gather Data Publish Comparisons 3.4. 12. IAMFA Benchmarks 2013 Report2012 Report 13. Benchmarking Groups Include IFMAs Utility Council Museum and Cultural Institutions (IAMFA) Facility Managers Roundtable (FMRT) Research Facilities Benchmarking Group (Labs) Outsource Providers 14. IAMFA Benchmark Comparisons 15. IAMFA Benchmarks2012 Median: $5.44 16. IAMFA Benchmark Comparisons 17. IAMFA Benchmarks2012 Median: $3.45 18. IAMFA Benchmark Comparisons 19. IAMFA Benchmarks2012 Median: $4.22 20. IAMFA Benchmark Comparisons 21. IAMFA Benchmarks2012 Median: $2.43 22. IAMFA Benchmarks2012 Median: $13.66 23. IAMFA Benchmarking Process: 1.Define Benchmarks & Reach Consensus 2. Enroll 3.Publish Comparisons Focus on Those That Appear Better 4.5.Gather Data 24. Best Practices Benchmarking is more than just data collection. The real value is in understanding how other organizations are doing similar jobs for less cost, or better customer service, or both. 25. Breakout Groups 1. 2. 3. 4.Maintenance Janitorial Utilities Security 26. Benchmarking Factors Breakout Groups System/Technology CMMS, BAS, Cameras, Quiet Vacuums Measurement systems People Training: multi-skilled, experience, turnover Orientation: Bargaining unit/Contracted? Processes PM program Customer service expectations SOPs (uniformity) Regulatory requirements 27. IAMFA Benchmarking Process:Define Parameters & Reach Consensus 2. Choose Repeat Partners 1.8. 7.Track6.Implement Ideas 5.3. 4.Gather DataPublish ComparisonsFocus on Those That Appear Better 28. More Information. Website: http://www.FacilityIssues.comThank You