2015 inspire tour: would your business benefit from a mobile strategy?

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1. Would your business benefitfrom a mobile strategy? 2. #InspireTourWhy Mobile? 3. Its a mobile world+76%0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500#InspireTour3MobilephonesTabletsDesktopcomputers2017201410%+10%million units70% of business decision makers are looking to leverage mobile technology to make theirworkforce more productive, more predictable, and their business leaner and more profitable.(Gartner 2013) 4. People love mobileand its not expected to slow down2013 2015 2017#InspireTourAt the end of 2013, therewere more mobile deviceson Earth than people.Mobile apps will out number PC apps Devices used in businessWill be a tabletMobile devices open 48% ofemail1 in 3Millennials would prioritizesocial media freedomdevice flexibilityand mobilityover salary when accepting a jobTablets and smartphones accountfor 87%of Internet connected devices soldApple sold 5 million iPhone 5S inthe first 24 hours98Billion apps downloadedExpected tablet shipments350 Million unitsto1/5 5. mobile technology enables your reps tosell more??% more quota achievement with mobile capabilities1Source: Aberdeen Group, Sales Mobility, 2012#InspireTour 6. mobile technology enables your reps tosell more43% more quota achievement with mobile capabilities1Source: Aberdeen Group, Sales Mobility, 2012#InspireTour 7. and improve employee responsivenessand issue resolution.Increased employee responsiveness and decision making speed#InspireTour776%59%47%46%43%Faster internal issue resolutionIncreased worker productivityFaster customer issue resolutionImproved customer satisfactionTypical benefits resulting from deploying mobility solutions(Forrester Research 2012) 8. Mobile is everywhere 4 billion peopleworldwide own a mobiledevice How many peopleworldwide own atoothbrush?#InspireTour 9. Mobile is everywhere 4 billion peopleworldwide own a mobiledevice 3.5 billion peopleworldwide own atoothbrush#InspireTour 10. In 5 years, 46% ofthe workforce will beMillennials#InspireTour 11. Why are we here?Mobile can help your businessQuickly & securely share files, pictures, videos..#InspireTourAutomate Time EntryEnable your reps to close more and larger deals 12. #InspireTourMobile CRM 13. Web and mobility help you close more andlarger deals#InspireTourSage CRMHot lead from website just appeared! Prep fornext customer meetingSage CRM 14. Web and mobility help you close more andlarger dealsSage Mobile SalesBuild bigger orderImpress customerAutomatically place order in SageERP#InspireTourSage CRMAfter closing the KIT deal who do I contactnext?Our rep is now ready to visitcustomer and close the deal 15. Who is closing the most deals and whoneeds help?See how your reps are performing against their forecast.#InspireTour 16. #InspireTourMobile Sales 17. #InspireTourSage Mobile SalesClose business17Place quotes andorders, take payment,and invoice using SageBilling and Payment. 18. Sage Mobile SalesGive your salespeople the information they need#InspireTourAccess past quotesand orders, customercontact details, andsales history. 19. Sage Mobile SalesPresent a visual catalog#InspireTourUse multiple images tobring your products to lifeand offer add-on,accessory, andsubstitution products. 20. #InspireTourSage Mobile SalesClose businessPlace quotes andorders, take payment,and invoice using SageBilling and Payment. 21. #InspireTourMobile Service 22. Sage Mobile ServiceConnect your servicesmore streamlined with mobileticket processing*#InspireTour11/10/2014Analyst / Media Briefing - Sage Connected Services & Mobility 2014 Sage. Proprietary and confidential.22* Source: Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), 2012 23. Get more repeat business and referrals#InspireTour 24. #InspireTour24View scheduleUpdate Work OrderGet customer sign off 25. #InspireTourSage Secure Files 26. Sage Secure FilesInformation sharing helps youget more done in less timeQuickly & securely share files, pictures, videos..#InspireTour 27. Sage Secure FilesKeep your knowledge current#InspireTourQuickly push files to your sales teamPush files to your CPACPA 28. Secure FilesCustomer Folders and Report DistributionIntegration with Sage ERPcreates file template#InspireTourIntegration pushes invoicesetc. to customer folder foranytime/anywhere accessReport posted to folder notifies userERP pushes reports to folder 29. Secure FilesMobile Sales and ServiceSales Rep synchs signed orders,and invoices to customers MobileSales folder#InspireTourService Rep uploads photos andsigned work orders to customersMobile Service folder 30. Secure FilesAuto-copy System Backups and Security#InspireTourSecurely store copy of backupoffpremiseQuickly see who has access to whichfolders, or change access rightsRemove user, device and deletefiles from their device 31. Sage TimeTime Entry that works for you#InspireTour 32. Sage Time: Time Entry that works for you#InspireTour 33. We spend 4 to 5 hours per payperiod moving data from Excelinto Sage Payroll#InspireTour 34. Today vs. Tomorrow#InspireTourTime clocksTime sheetsExcel 35. What could cloud and mobile time mean foryou?#InspireTourEmployers can seelocation of employeesEmployees can beprompted to clock in/outbased on their location 36. Sage mobile solutions enable your successtoday and in the future#InspireTourGet more done in less time bysharing files with internal andexternal usersEasily track time anytimeanywhere and automaticallyupdate your payroll moduleClose more & biggerdeals while impressingcustomersEmpower your service technicians todeliver a great customer experience.


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