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  • 2020 Catalog

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    Original (1”) 1/2” 1/4”

    1/8” 1/16” 1/32” Hybrid (Multiple Sizes)

    Create a unique and durable space by enhancing your resinous floor

    with TORGINOL® designer FLAKE. Unlike conventional flooring options,

    FLAKE is available in a wide range of colors, sizes, styles, and blends that

    can be custom designed to accent, balance, complement, and influence

    any environment. Our unique approach to customization allows you to

    economically personalize your floor and enhance any decor.

    When added to resinous floor systems, FLAKE enhances the appearance and

    texture of the floor as well as protecting its integrity. Seamless FLAKE floors

    are an economical floor finishing solution that are easy to maintain.

    Table of Contents

    2 overview

    4 signature blends

    5 new terrazzo FLAKE

    7 glitter FLAKE

    9 new hybrid stone FLAKE

    11 marble FLAKE

    13 contemporary collection

    16 brownstone collection

    17 greytones collection

    19 accents collection

    21 color palette

    23 FLAKE additives

    25 product information

    DISCLAIMER: The colors shown in this catalog may not be exact due to printing process limitations. For absolute color fidelity, colors should be always be chosen from physical samples. 1 2

  • 3 FB-716 Creekbed

    Nightfall FB-715

    Madras FB-706

    Creekbed FB-716

    Domino FB-411

    Gravel FB-414

    Wombat FB-616

    Shoreline FB-421

    Orbit FB-310

    Outback FB-517

    signature blends




    FLAKE | 2020 Catalog

  • FB-4203 Jawbreaker

    Cascade FB-4207

    Acadia FB-4208

    Gumball FB-4209

    Plateau FB-4201

    Europa FB-4210

    Alameda FB-4202

    Jawbreaker FB-4203

    Husky FB-4211

    Yukon FB-4212

    Anchorage FB-4204

    Juneau FB-4205

    Klondike FB-4206

    Yosemite FB-4215

    Cashmere FB-4213

    Denali FB-4214

    Armadillo FB-4216

    Santa Fe FB-4217

    Phoenix FB-4218

    Distinguish your environment with the distinct hybrid-sized color elements of TORGINOL® terrazzo FLAKE blends. This inspiring collection has been designed to combine the traditional appearance of Italian marble terrazzo with the limitless customizable style options of color FLAKE.

    terrazzo FLAKE


    FLAKE | 2020 Catalog


  • FB-421-3G1070 Shoreline Accent

    Aurora Accent FB-3301-3G2020

    Creekbed Accent FB-716-3G1040

    Dolerite Accent F9311-3G2010

    Domino Accent FB-411-3G2020

    Madras Accent FB-706-3G2010

    Outback Accent FB-517-3G1040

    Nordic Green Accent FB-514-3G1020

    Shoreline Accent FB-421-3G1070

    Stonehenge Accent FB-427-3G2010

    Strudel Accent FB-502-3G1070

    Victorian Accent FB-818-3G2010

    Stargazer Accent FB-908-3G2010

    glitter FLAKE Elevate any environment with the addition of TORGINOL® glitter FLAKE to highlight and accent traditional FLAKE colors and blends. This exciting collection of vibrant metallic glitter allows you to accent, highlight, and influence the expressions of specific design features in your environment.

    7 8

    FLAKE | 2020 Catalog

  • FB-903 Silver Bells

    Agate FB-4107

    Sandstone FB-4108

    Mudstone FB-4109

    Claystone FB-4110

    Limestone FB-4111

    Blue Granite FB-4101

    Quartzite FB-4102

    Travertine FB-4103

    Turquoise FB-4104

    Slate FB-4105

    Shale FB-4106

    Create the look of polished concrete or aggregate floors with TORGINOL® hybrid stone FLAKE. These unique blends are composed of multiple colors and sizes of FLAKE to replicate the appearance of natural stone.

    hybrid stone FLAKE

    9 10

    FLAKE | 2020 Catalog

  • F9303 Pumice

    Basalt F9309

    Dolerite F9311

    Schist F9307

    Obsidian F9304

    Garnet F9305

    Pumice F9303

    Feldspar F9203

    Carbon F9202

    marble FLAKE This unique collection of variegated FLAKE brings sophistication and subtlety to resinous performance flooring. The organic hues of browns and grays recreate the look of natural stone and provide a modern and stylish finish. TORGINOL® marble FLAKE redefines the multifunctional standard, combining style and endurance with performance flooring materials.

    DISCLAIMER: TORGINOL® MarbleFlake may vary slightly from lot-to-lot due to limitations in the manufacturing process. To ensure optimal color consistency when using multiple lots, variegated colors should be intermixed prior to use. 11 12

    FLAKE | 2020 Catalog

  • FB-127 Cabin Fever

    Oasis FB-712

    Cabin Fever FB-127

    Coyote FB-513

    Seamist FB-802

    Seacrest FB-803

    Palamino FB-804

    Rocky Ridge FB-801

    Stoney Creek FB-806

    Koala FB-811

    Colonial FB-817

    Antler FB-601

    Swan FB-612

    Cruller FB-820

    Cedar FB-815

    Fritter FB-101

    Reed FB-507

    Trail Mix FB-613

    Honeycomb FB-957



    FLAKE | 2020 Catalog


  • Sand Dollar FB-951

    Twine FB-956

    Brown Sugar FB-961

    Persian FB-952

    Setter FB-953

    Mojito FB-958

    Buffalo FB-954

    Bambi FB-959

    Hazelnut FB-962

    Beast FB-955

    Bean FB-960

    Grizzly FB-965

    FB-960 Bean



    FLAKE | 2020 Catalog


  • FB-414 Gravel

    Silver Bells FB-903

    Stargazer FB-908

    Galaxy FB-907

    Feather Gray FB-905

    Oreo FB-910

    Raven FB-915

    Opal FB-901

    Moon Mist FB-906

    Wild Dove FB-911

    Timberwolf FB-909

    Thunder FB-912

    Gargoyle FB-914



    FLAKE | 2020 Catalog


  • FB-310 Orbit

    Stinger FB-508

    Arctic FB-704

    Strudel FB-502

    Appalachian FB-812

    Iceberg FB-702

    Cashmere FB-129

    Matador FB-505

    Tidal Wave FB-807

    Nordic Green FB-514

    Coldwater Canyon FB-304

    Stonewash FB-708

    Seaport FB-709

    Monterray FB-809

    Cannoli FB-130

    Crimson FB-123

    Rapids FB-506

    Victorian FB-818

    Scarecrow FB-615



    FLAKE | 2020 Catalog


  • F1785 F1680 F9985 F1760 F1080 F1055 F1000 F1600 F5115

    F5302 F9981 F5307 F6609 F5118 F1070 F1360 F6723 F5910

    F9954 F6602 F1770 F9977 F2240 F9995 F5102 F9990 F1430

    F5303 F1320 F6607 F6721 F9920 F9978 F6613 F1120 F6617

    F1040 F9912 F5117 F7551 F6804 F2160 F9970 F6611 F9916

    F1640 F5935 F9973 F9805 F5103 F6612 F1420 F9991 F1560

    F5052 F5304 F1060 F9979 F6615 F1570 F9984 F9952 F9968

    F1100 F9996 F9982 F9908 F6622 F2200 F1200 F9972 F9904

    F3000 F3020 F3040 F3080 F3100 F3120 F3130

    F9988 F9964 F1720 F1820 F2250 F9958 F9986 F1520 F9956

    F5101 F9905 F9907 F9959 F1800 F9960 F1425 F9909 F9994

    F6621 F1140 F9974 F5252 F9957 F9800 F5301 F9910 F6614

    F9963 F9967 F6604 F9903 F1410 F6606 F1400 F5051 F6601

    F1790 F9983 F1130 F9966 F1480 F9961 F9987 F9806 F1780

    F9992 F5920 F9969 F5305 F1090 F1415 F1160 F5116 F1045

    F1020 F9989 F5104 F5306 F9801 F9955 F9971 F9965 F6616

    F9975 F9951 F9993 F5114 F9902 F1050 F9953 F9962 F9911

    F4000 F4040 F4080 F4120 F4160 F4180 Blue Glow◊ Green Glow◊

    Tan Peach Susie-Q Rose Canyon Red Brick Red Adobe Beige Olive Putty

    Cardboard Potter Camelback Burnt Red Fireweed Burgundy Forest Green Camo Green JD Green

    Caramel Latte Salmon Daquiri Red Berry Lime Slime Jasper

    Cappucino Fawn Clay Lipstick Red Cherry Bomb Tomato Sage Crest Green Teal

    Autumn Brown Toast Acorn Terra Cotta Gladiola Orange Moss Evergreen Favre

    Patio Red Rustic Red Coppertone Carrot Cake Sorbet Creamy Orange Hunter Green Gardenview Mint Green

    Chocolate Mud Brown Squash Pumpkin Mustard Sonic Aquamarine Steel Blue

    Cocoa Brown Redwood Gravy Canary Yellow Sunrise Yellow Primary Yellow Dusk Blue Moody Blue Dark Grey

    Oahu Brown∆ Ewa Green∆ Kona Beige∆ Lanai Gray∆ Maui Blue∆ Pali Brown∆ Aloha Rose∆

    Baby Blue Sky Blue Powder Blue White S.T. White Alpaca White Eggshell Milkweed Khaki

    Seaspray Heaven Blue Ox Antique White Whisper Gray Navajo Ivory Sugar Cookie Sand Dune

    Stormy Blue Delray Blue Brilliant Blue Cement Taupe Sommelier Cornmeal Buttermilk Cream

    Cobalt Blue Royal Blue Primary Blue Online Granite Neutral Gray Gold Afterglow Buff

    True Blue Hypnotic Dark Blue Morning Fog Medium Gray Functional Gray Stone Flesh Scone

    Cosmo Cyberspace Navy Tabu Charcoal Graphite Dove Gray Wigwam Beige

    Amethyst Purple Haze African Violet Porpoise Dolphin Battleship Gray Peppermint Lavender Lemon Yellow

    Raisin Plum Grape Ebony Black Iron Oxide Black Honeydew Jetstream Fossil

    Blaze Orange* Charteuse* Hot Pink* Rocket Red* Signal Green* Horizon Blue* F9110 F9120

    color palette

    *Fluorescent colors are not UV stable and are only intended for indoor use. ◊TORGINOL® Photo Luminescent FLAKE are exclusively designed to be decorative in nature and serve to functionally enhance the aesthetic qualities of resinous flooring and wall coating systems. Glow FLAKE is not