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  • Dolce Far NienteHow To Practice

    Mindfulness The Italian Way

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  • Dolce Far NienteHow To Practice

    Mindfulness The Italian WayEver felt guilty of procrastination or simply doing nothing? Do not worry it turns out

    theres art to being idle. Italians have been mastering it for ages they call it dolce far niente. Its their very own version of mindfulness. It may seem hard at first but it surely is rewarding to actually do nothing in moderation. Learn how to practice Dolce Far Niente

    mindfulness the Italian way.

    Dolce far niente Italian expression, a simple noun that should be rightfully pronounced like this dolce far niente \dl-ch-fr-n-en-t\, but that could equally rightfully become a game changer. Why? Because this pleasant act of relaxation or as it literally

    translates sweet doing nothing can become your guide to mindful life.

  • Dolce Far NienteIn Popular Culture

    Most of us have been introduced to the concept by the film Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts. In this hollywood blockbuster the main character feels overwhelming guilt

    because as she puts it all she has done for three weeks is learn a few Italian words and eat. Her European, mostly Italian friends explain the lovely concept of Dolce Far Niente

    the sweetness of doing nothing.

    Il dolce far niente. Il bel far niente. Literally, the sweet, or beautiful, (act of) doing nothing. In the film, its translated the beauty of doing nothing because thats about as close as you can get in English. But its not really correct. The noun hereand the nugget of the ideais not beauty. Its the infinitive to do (fare)far nienteto do nothing. Sweet

    idleness is what were talking about here.

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  • Dolce Far NienteWhy You Should Practice

    because working too much affects your productivity in a bad way

    because Dolce Far Nientes about fermentation, meditation, and observation ergo meditation! because its the absence of mindless productivity. Its the liberation from duty, from must. because it helps your mind detox in the most natural way

  • Graphing Productivity & Overtimepr



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    Source: Slouken Blog

    How working too much can affect your productivity

  • You feel guilty while watching TV on Sunday.

    Youre not actually accomplishing anything at work.

    Your eyes are starting to crap out.

    Your family constantly complains about your schedule.

    Youre always the last one to leave the office.

    or you actually feel guilty doing anything pleasant but work. Make room for guilty pleasures in your busy hectic schedule.

    Research has shown that people who log excessive hours actually accomplish less.

    Staring at a book, paperwork, or a computer screen at close range for hours on end can make you gradually develop nearsightedness.

    Excessive hours are linked to physical illness, including heart disease. That means youre trading a few extra hours of productivity tonight for a few sick days later.

    For Italians family is one constant thing in life! They value it a lot. So make sure to make time and listen to what your loved ones have to say. Their feedback is valuable, too.

    working too much5 Signs You Are

  • to master the art of Dolce Far Niente

    Proven WaysIt is not easy advice to follow. We are hard-wired not to do nothing. And yet, how much richer

    we might all bericher in spirit and art and love and human cooperationif we stopped and contemplated and let the freedom of non-accomplishment loosen our creative powers

    and insights. Italys gift to the world is a cultural predisposition toward understanding, allowing, even encouragingat timesthe doing of nothing which is inextricably linked to

    the creation of art and healthy human relationships and simple mental health.

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  • Decide on the date. Its best to plan your Dolce Far Niente session You have probably mastered the art of scheduling work and errands. Why not try to schedule free time your Dolce Far Niente session.

  • Get your groceries ahead!Planning ahead includes planning the food you want to enjoy! Remember to keep it simple and delicious. To boost the effect go for Italian food!

  • Turn off all notifications!Go ahead and make room for electronic detox. Its time to relax and enjoy simple pleasures and not to browse news feeds.

  • Find a place!

    Try to find a chair, inside or out, and sit there. Gaze, daydream or just sit. Its not as easy as it seems. Get rid of all the guilty feelings! You deserve this sweet doing nothing!

  • Spend time with the loved ones!

    Make dinner with your lover or prepare something for your friends and family. Choose a simple recipe, turn on some music and collaborate in the kitchen.

  • and the art of Dolce Far NienteSenses

    Practicing Dolce Far Niente is about mastering the art of using all 5 senses! Learn to savour your senses and to be a good listener. Always appreciate the beauty around you by listening to music, writing poetry,

    appreciating art, or thoughtfully tasting your wine as you sip on it.

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  • Your Brain and 5 Senses




    A sense is a physiological capacity of organisms that provides data for perception.

    The nervous system has a specific sensory system or organ, dedicated to each sense. also called tactition (adjectival form: tactile) or

    mechanoreception, is a perception resulting from activation of neural receptors, generally in the skin including hair follicles, but also in the tongue, throat, and mucosa.

    (or, the more formal term, gustation) is one of the traditional five senses. It refers to the capability to detect the taste of substances such as food, certain minerals, and poisons, etc.

    (adjectival form: auditory) is the sense of sound perception. Hearing is all about vibration.

    is the capability of the eye(s) to focus and detect images of visible light on photoreceptors in the retina of each eye that generates electrical nerve impulses for varying colors, hues, and brightness.

    or olfaction (adjectival form: olfactory) is the

    other "chemical" sense. Unlike

    taste, there are hundreds of

    olfactory receptors (388

    according to one source[9]), each

    binding to a particular

    molecular feature.

  • Dolce Far NienteRemember To Practice

    Mindfulness The Italian Way

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