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Women Leaders for Peacebuilding is a new group formed to build on and promote U.N. Resolution 1325. The resolution was designed to create a framework for empowering half the worlds population as equal partners in preventing conflict and building peace in countries threatened and affected by war, violence, and insecurity, we know in our hearts there is work to be done on our own soil. While other countries are well on their way with action plans, the US seems to be stalled in "document creation." We are about action! Our focus is PROTECTION FROM VIOLENCE. This presentation is based on 50 Ways to Promote Peace, originally found on the Ben & Jerrys website. Weve tweaked the entries and added a couple of our own. If youre intrigued, come join us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/groups/womenleadersforpeacebuilding


  • 1. Courtesy of Ben & Jerrys.

2. WomenBuildingPeace.comBe a media guerilla. Use email, send media releases,write articles for newsletters. 3. WomenBuildingPeace.comAttend a peace rally. 4. WomenBuildingPeace.comInvite a peace speakerto an event in your communityor at your workplace. 5. WomenBuildingPeace.comCreate community;get to know your neighbors. 6. WomenBuildingPeace.com 7. WomenBuildingPeace.comVisit an ethnic culturalcenter in your city. 8. WomenBuildingPeace.comTravel theworld. 9. WomenBuildingPeace.comExercise patience while driving 10. WomenBuildingPeace.comListenmore;talkless. 11. Learn to apologize and mean it. 12. WomenBuildingPeace.comBe helpful. 13. WomenBuildingPeace.comSpend time with a child. 14. WomenBuildingPeace.comPractice patience. 15. WomenBuildingPeace.comStart peace conversations. 16. WomenBuildingPeace.comTake parenting workshopsand get involved in family groups. 17. WomenBuildingPeace.comUnderstand that peacebegins at home. 18. WomenBuildingPeace.comAcknowledge and exploreyour prejudices. 19. WomenBuildingPeace.comWrite a 20. WomenBuildingPeace.comWrite lettersto the editor in support of peace. 21. Broadcast your peacemessage with a flag, poster, badge, Tshirt, or bumpersticker. 22. WomenBuildingPeace.comIf you owna gun,practicegun safety. 23. WomenBuildingPeace.com Set asidea few minutesevery dayfor peaceand quiet. 24. WomenBuildingPeace.comJoin a peace study circle. 25. WomenBuildingPeace.com 26. WomenBuildingPeace.comStay tuned in to whatshappening in the world. 27. WomenBuildingPeace.com Educateyourselfabout the violencethreateningkids in yourcommunity and get involved inending it. 28. WomenBuildingPeace.comLearn another language. 29. WomenBuildingPeace.comReduceyourcarbonfootprint. 30. WomenBuildingPeace.com Fight fairly, with a goal ofresolving your differences, not winning. 31. WomenBuildingPeace.comGet involved registerpeople to vote. 32. WomenBuildingPeace.comVolunteerfor a peaceproject,like PeaceBrigadesIntl, Seedsof Peace,or thePeaceCorps. 33. WomenBuildingPeace.comVolunteer at a domesticviolence shelter. 34. WomenBuildingPeace.com Write your government and a foreign government. Let themknow you care what they do andhold them to the same standardsfor peaceful conflict resolution. 35. WomenBuildingPeace.comDevelop the art ofnonviolent conflict resolution. 36. WomenBuildingPeace.comTeach young people skills fornonviolent conflict resolution. 37. WomenBuildingPeace.comUse music, art,stories, and drama toexplore themes of peace andnonviolence. 38. WomenBuildingPeace.comVoice youropinion on aradio talk show. 39. WomenBuildingPeace.comSign a peace pledge. 40. WomenBuildingPeace.comWrite a monthly letter to yourrepresentative, senator, or thePresident on peace-relatedissues. 41. WomenBuildingPeace.comTake social action tosupport specificlegislative peace initiatives. 42. WomenBuildingPeace.com 43. WomenBuildingPeace.comSocial justicepromotespeace. Supportorganizationsand/orcampaigns thatdemand basichuman rights Amnestyfor all people. International 44. WomenBuildingPeace.comSign anappeal to end the nuclearthreat.WagingPeace.org 45. WomenBuildingPeace.comTake part inonline advocacyfor peace. 46. WomenBuildingPeace.com Take an interest in yourcommunity; attend your city 47. WomenBuildingPeace.comEncourage peace projectsfor school classrooms. 48. WomenBuildingPeace.com Teach thechildrenin yourlife about peace.Model thebehavior andvalues youwant them to adopt. 49. WomenBuildingPeace.comSupportjob-trainingprogramsfor youth. 50. WomenBuildingPeace.com 51. JOIN:Women Leaders for Peacebuilding. WomenBuildingPeace.com