7 great benefits of engaging your staff

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Engagement is present when a staff member makes a choice to go that extra mile25%79%Increase productivityStudies show large % gains for productivity, revenue & profit.79%More enthusiasticKeener staff are more focused and take fewer days off.More effectiveEngaged staff are more productive and in tune with company goals.More loyalEngaged staff are more satisfied and loyal because they feel a valued member of the team.More dedicatedEngaged staff go that extra mile to help the company achieve its goals.Engaged Staffare3

What are the BENEFITS?HIRE BETTER CANDIDATES01 IntelligenceIntelligence doesnt always mean lots of qualifications. Some people just arent good at exams! 02 EnthusiasmA keen and enthusiastic member of staff can be trained for almost any role within your company.03 PersonalityLook for the candidates personality and asses whether itw ill be a good organisational fit.1Helps you to...Beware prospects with qualification packed CVs who wont be a good team player and fit the company ethos.RetentionFully engaged staff are far more likely to stay at your company.LoyaltyEngaged employees will stay and be loyal to the companys aims and goals.Future hiresProspective candidates will be more impressed by engaged enthusiastic staff they meet at interview or open days.KEEP GOOD STAFFHelps you to...Beware and address the disaffected staff, the energy thieves who can damage morale and reduce productivity! 27Satisfaction + Engagement = Loyalty + Commitment90%Beware the effect on satisfaction levels of negative staff!

BETTER SATISFACTION LEVELSHelps you to achieve...Address issues quickly, fairly and consistentlyIf all else fails manage disaffected staff into different roles or out of the company3More open communicationLess mis-communication79%99%Less communication shenanigansCommon goal8IMPROVE COMMUNICATIONHelps you to...Beware poor communicators amd energy thieves sapping management time and energy! 4BETTER ATTENDANCE, ABSENTEEISM & PRODUCTIVITYHelps you to...85%Keener & enthusiastic staff = more focus & motivatedThey go that extra mileLower absence rateMore commitedMore effort5HIGHER REVENUE & PROFITHelps you to...More productive + more efficient = Better Customer ServiceHigher RevenueBetter MarginBetter Profit6BETTER OVERALL STAFF MORALEHelps you to...7123Studies show large % gains for productivity, revenue & profitUsa a low risk, cloud based staff engagement/management system that has a Staff Self Service Portal ConclusionBeware costly, complicated, poorly supported systems!

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