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As a USQ graduate, there are a number of associated benefits to staying in touch with us!



2. Once you graduate from USQ, its not goodbye but hello alumni. You automatically become part of the USQ Alumni Network a network of more than 80,000 alumni scattered across 146 countries around the globe. There are a range of associated benefits with staying connected to the USQ Alumni Network including personal, professional and business development. Being a member also enables you to keep in touch with former classmates, attend organised social and networking events and make a contribution to the growth and development of current and future USQ students. 3. You like to mingle The USQ Alumni Network provides you with connections that you may not be able to gain anywhere else. By becoming involved in an Alumni Chapter, taking part in the conversations on our social media networks, such as Linkedin and Facebook, and attending alumni events like Alumni in the Park and Alumni Weekends, youll not only expand your network connections, youll make new friends and have fun all at the same time. 1 4. You want recognition Each year USQ publicly recognises the achievements of our alumni after graduation through the Alumnus of the Year Awards. Our alumnis accomplishments are also highlighted in our monthly eNewsletter, Phoenix Rising. So make sure you keep us up-to- date with what youre doing after graduation. 2 5. You want career development Being part of the USQ Alumni Network you connect with a vast global network of companies and alumni who know the value a USQ graduate can bring to their organisation. Your membership also includes access to career counselling and advice on further study. 3 6. You want the scoop You want to be first to hear about upcoming events and activities and when USQs alumni eNewsletter, Phoenix Rising, arrives in your inbox each month, you love reading about what your fellow alumni have been up to. Whether you are still on campus, just down the road or thousands of miles away, well keep you up-to-date with what is happening at USQ. 4 7. You like a deal Your membership to the USQ Alumni Network entitles you to a range of benefits and special offers including exclusive discounts on memberships and services as well as great deals on financial products. So make sure your contact details are up-to-date. 5 8. Youre a stakeholder in the future As an alumnus youre a key stakeholder in the future of USQ. From offering your time as a volunteer or mentoring a current student, to setting up a scholarship or bursary, there are a variety of ways you can ensure our future shines brightly. 6 9. Youre a Phoenixian for life By staying connected to the USQ Alumni Network, you strengthen the bond between you and the university that helped you along your path to success. As we said, when you graduate from USQ its not goodbye. Youre a Phoenixian for life! 7 10. CRICOS:QLD00244BNSW02225MTEQSA:PRV1208112.1.E08.2014 alumni@usq.edu.au Keep in touch with us! usq.edu.au