10 reasons to join (and stay with) the vipkid teaching community

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Reasons to Join (and Stay with) the VIPKID Teaching Community

On-demand economy is on the rise. We have all heard of Uber, Lyft, Airbnb providing a platform for people to match whatever they have (from fancy apartments to their passenger seat) with people that have a demand for those resources. The latest industry to follow is English language education. In China, this is booming.

VIPKID matches teachers from North American with Chinese students. Classes are live and one-on-one. Moreover, staying at the forefront of innovation in this industry, VIPKIDs curriculum uses a flipped classroom model and gamified homework to enable true English learning to happen.

Among so many online English learning companies, why should someone choose to be a teacher in the VIPKID platform? Here are our top 10 reasons to join (and stay with) the VIPKID teaching community.

1.The most and the best students

Not only can these students make your heart melt, but VIPKID has lots of them. As a teacher in the VIPKID platform for seven months, I have taught hundreds of students and I still continue to learn from them every single day. mentions teacher Kristin M.

Currentlyat 80,000 paying students, 9,500 teachers in the VIPKID platform have plenty of work.

2.A fun, easy to use, unique curriculum that will change the way you teachTeachers often say they hum to the VIPKIDsHello and Goodbye songs. They also go around giving high-fives to people who are not children.

VIPKID wants to change the way children learn English by going beyond an average ESL class. Based on the US Common Core State Standards, VIPKIDs curriculum aims to provide children the North American elementary school experience online. There is a better way to learn English: through curiosity,creativityand critical thinking. Our curriculum is fun and innovative; both teachers and students in our platform cannot get over it.

3.No-fuss platformNo downloads. Just click a button and enter the classroom. THATS IT!

4.Get valuable professional experienceLooking to internationalize your teaching? Teach students in China without leaving home

Looking to become a better teacher? Check out our teacher experience sharing program, where teachers share tools, tips and tricks to improve your classroom performance online, and possibly offline as well. Also, we have recently cooperated with Coursera to offer certification to some of our most dedicated teachers for FREE through Arizona State University. VIPKID prides itself with constant and continuous learning at the highest professional level for each teacher. This translate to an enhanced learning experience for the students as the teachers have more strategies and methods to use in their classrooms, says teacher Jojo F.

Looking to improve your teaching skills? VIPKID invites its highest performing teachers to other business opportunities such as becoming mentors, recruitment partners, curriculum designers and others!

Looking to learn about China? VIPKID offersintroduction sessions about Chinese language and culture

And we will always bring new stuff to the table: VIPKID listens to their teachers and works to implement these suggestions. When teachers asked to learn more about the Chinese culture, they brought in an expert who not only taught teachers about the culture but also introduced us to Mandarin, teacher Elayne L. adds.

5.A caring teacher communityThousands of other teachers are already in our platform and more than 1,000 join every month.

VIPKID has created virtual learning communities for teachers to share their experience and tips with each other. You might not be going to the a particular place to teach, but you will definitely feel that you have partners and support going through a similar experience as you.

The teacher community is large and vast, we come from the four corners of the earth daily and all have a common goal. We encourage teachers to ask questions and to give suggestions to each other so that the best lessons can always be delivered, confirms Elayne L.

You will be teaching online from home, but you will definitely not feel alone with us.

6.Support from HQAll of the thousands of daily VIPKID classes are supported by our Firemen (thats how we call our real-time tech support team). Firemen troubleshoot problems that teachers or students might have. Forgettryingto figure out a solution to your tech problem on your own, call firemen to the rescue!

Besides technical support, teachers are also cared for by our Communications Specialists. All teachers have Communications Specialists that will follow them throughout their time at VIPKID. Though the Support Staff are not always visible, as a delegate to see the HQ staff in person, I can attest that they are all loving and sincere, showing the highest possible concern for their respective roles. They are fully aware that their support requiresutmostattention to details for all students to have the best experience possible with each class they have, mentions teacher Jojo F, who visited VIPKIDs headquarters in July 2016.

7.A respected company

Founded in 2013, VIPKID is the FIRST company of its kind to innovate and create such model of teaching. Companies that offer a similar product are copies of VIPKID.Award-winningstart-up that is frequently featured on Chinese media, VIPKID has won accolades from technology giants like Tencent and Sina. Internationally, VIPKID has won the trust of top investors such as Innovation Works, Northern Light Venture Capital, Matrix Partners, Sequoia Capital and Yunfeng Capital. Among the people behind these investments are Kaifu Lee, the founding president of Google China, and Jack Ma, founder of Ali Baba. Among celebrity supporters, we have famous Chinese actress Liu Tao and basketball superstarKobe Bryant.World-renowned powerhouses in education have started noticing VIPKID as well. VIPKID is the first online company in China to be granted the status ofofficialprovider of the TOEFL Primary. VIPKID has partnered with Coursera to provide TESOL certifications to many of its teachers.

8.Support children to become better world citizens

VIPKIDs curriculum focuses on the learning development of the child as a whole and fills the gaps that the Chinese education system. Also, VIPKID exposes its students to the lives of their teachers every time they have class together. The teachers and the students learn about each other's cultures, traditions, food,likesand dislikes. We talk about current events, the weather,geographyand travel. This cultivates an interest,understandingand tolerance of other cultures that is immeasurable, adds Kristin M.

Caring for its community in China, VIPKID has also donated RMB 10 million toYourbayfor the creation of 100 community libraries in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen,Hangzhouand Nanjing. VIPKID and YourBay are dedicated to creating a brand new reading experience for Chinese children.

9.Have fun!VIPKID runs frequent contests and challenges to energize the teaching community. We have asked teachers to share their favorite class moments, their accomplishments, their funny and awkward stories to get a chance to win prizes/money.

Moreover, twice a year, we invite teachers in the VIPKID platform to visit headquarters! Yes, teachers can win a business trip to China. Check out some pictures of the teacher trips to China!

10.We will always be improving!Comparing now to seven months ago, when she started, Kristin M mentions that there are more online resources available, the weekly newsletters are more robust, the online Chinese culture classes, the new offering of an ESL certification, monthly incentives, teacher challenges, and the new curriculum are just some of the improvements and changes made in the past six months.

Real-time feedback helps us improve the user experience and create better products. We pay close attention to all feedback from teachers,studentsand parents and we are always improving to make sure every user has the best experience possible. Week to week, month to month, there are changes to make teaching and learning better.

VIPKID is a great place. A telling sign is that our retention rate is above 95%, which means most of teacher does not want to leave VIPKID platform. (Our student retention rate is also above 95%). If you are still skeptical, maybe Kobe can convince you.

Two months ago, the basketball legendcrossed the Pacific to meet with the company,VIPKID, which aims to give Chinese children avirtual North American elementary school experience.

Bryant said it took only five minutes of listening to decide he wanted to invest.

Theirplatform is changing things, Bryant said in an interview Monday. Its a no-brainer for me.We have to look for companies adding value to society, helping kids learn and grow whether through education, nutrition.

-LA TimesWill you also take five minutes?

Apply at:http://t.vipkid.com.cn