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7 Reasons for a Career Makeover. Nykky McCarley, Life Coach, describes why your resume may not be packing the punch you think it does. These 7 Reasons will help you discover why you should make over your work experience to actively pursue the career you want!


<p>Its Time for a Career Makeover! </p> <p>By: Nykky McCarley, www.myfuturestate.com </p> <p>7 Reasons </p> <p>Image: careerrocketeer.com </p> <p>When You Think Makeover Do You Only Think This </p> <p> Susan Boyle, post-Makeover by Harpers Bazaar </p> <p> Susan Boyle, of Britains Got Talent Fame </p> <p>Image: dailymail.co.uk </p> <p>? </p> <p>Image: dailymail.co.uk </p> <p>Image: careerrocketeer.com </p> <p>Image: careerrocketeer.com </p> <p>, </p> <p>Because Your Career Needs a Makeover Too </p> <p>Transform your experience from DRAB </p> <p>C&amp;V Engineering Services Business Plan excerpt from Executive Summary </p> <p>Commissioning &amp; Validation Engineering Services is an invaluable internal Abbott resource. Our staff of engineers &amp; technicians has the expertise, knowledge &amp; network to fulfill all commissioning, quality &amp; validation needs. We support projects every step of the way from engineering design through the validation lifecycle; from inspection, start-up, validation &amp; qualification to turnover of fully operational facilities, we provide the total solution. </p> <p>1.1 Mission (Company Confidential) </p> <p>1.2 Vision (Company Confidential) </p> <p>1.3 Strategic Business Objectives (Company Confidential) </p> <p>Business Plan: all text, boring! </p> <p>to </p> <p>absolut</p> <p>ely </p> <p>FAB! </p> <p>Business Plan: </p> <p>images, easy </p> <p>to read </p> <p>by following </p> <p>these </p> <p>To Make Over Your Career! </p> <p>7 Reasons </p> <p>Reason for </p> <p>#1 </p> <p> Generic career descriptions wont get your foot in the door </p> <p>you need to separate yourself from the pack! </p> <p>Its time to </p> <p>Image: careerrocketeer.com </p> <p>Reason for </p> <p>#2 </p> <p> Youre experiencedbut are your skills transferrable? </p> <p>Of course they are! But a cookie cutter resume wont show that. </p> <p>Reason for </p> <p>#3 </p> <p> Your eye is on the corner office, or at least one with a view. </p> <p>Show the powers that be you are ready! </p> <p>! Its time for a </p> <p>Reason for </p> <p>#4 Create a board of </p> <p>directors for your career: Champions, Sponsors &amp; Mentors who will guide &amp; grow you, &amp; open doors for you. </p> <p>A career makeover will show them you are </p> <p>worth the investment. </p> <p>Its time to </p> <p>Reason for </p> <p>#5 Youre anxious. Or, </p> <p>maybe its hard to talk about yourself. </p> <p>Make over your career so its exciting to talk about yourself &amp; your </p> <p>awesome achievements. </p> <p>Its time to ! </p> <p>Reason for </p> <p>#6 Youve been drifting from </p> <p>job to job, with no career plan or goal in mind. </p> <p>A career makeover activates you to </p> <p>manage your career. </p> <p>Its time to </p> <p> You want to remake your careeras in you want to CHANGE IT ENTIRELY. . </p> <p>Make over your experience to reflect how it supports </p> <p>your NEW career! </p> <p>Its time to </p> <p>Reason for </p> <p>#7 </p> <p>Image: Nykky McCarley </p> <p>to recap </p> <p>You can read more about this topic at my blog: yourfuturestate.wordpress.com </p> <p>AND.. </p> <p>1. Stand out from the crowd 2. Customize experience 3. Vie for a promotion 4. Obtain mentors, sponsors &amp; champions 5. Alleviate Interview anxiety 6. Manage your career direction 7. Make a career change </p> <p>Make Over Your Career in Order to: </p> <p>whats next? </p> <p>1. Ill instruct how to Make Over an experience. </p> <p>2. Ill explain the concept of a Career Portfolio, the vehicle for sharing Made Over career experiences. </p> <p>3. Lets Make Over one of your career experiences, at no cost. Contact me at nykky@myfuturestate.com or LinkedIn. </p> <p>In a subsequent post: </p> <p>Please note, any career experience I make over will be shared with the Slide Share community. </p>