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Here are 7 great ways to drive traffic to your blog.They are simple to follow and easy to implement.


<p>7 Reasons Why Swimming Is Good For Your Health</p> <p>7 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Weight Loss Blog</p> <p>Brought To You By: MyWeightLossDream.co.ukYou Have FULL Giveaway Rights To This PDF As Long As It Is Not Altered In Any Way Whatsoever!</p> <p>Introduction</p> <p>A big welcome to my 7 ways to drive traffic to your weight loss blog. We can all create a blog but if the only person that sees it is your mother then its a waste of your time and energy.</p> <p>Then it is often a case of information overload for the new blogger with so many options available to you.</p> <p> Do you do social media if so which channel? SEO seems so complicated and is it really that easy for a beginner?</p> <p> Is it worth paying for your traffic?</p> <p>And the list goes on and on. </p> <p>This mini ebook is there to put the record straight and to give you fresh ideas to build traffic to your weight loss blog.</p> <p>From Weight Loss BloggersThis is Samantha at Weight Loss Bloggers and I wanted to introduce you to our mission and why these PDFs are of great use to you.They are short PDFs that provide you with information about a particular form of weight loss blogging. Whether it is building income streams, traffic, technical know how or even content building. </p> <p>I first started my weight loss blog in 2012 and it was a way of creating a niche blog where I could catalogue my weight loss and I never really considered it anything other than a hobby. Now it is growing at a fantastic rate and we are expecting to be our business of the future.I also found that as a weight loss blogger there is always a lack of resources available to us, and I wanted to create something so that the community of weight loss and fitness bloggers around the world had a fantastic sounding board.</p> <p>Whether you have a weight problem or just want to take on the diet niche (after all its a billion dollar industry) then we have resources available to you on our website or through these PDFs.</p> <p>So far our progress has been good. You can read about our current progress via our monthly income and traffic reports by clicking here.We also have a fantastic guide showing you how to get started with your own weight loss blog and you can find out more by visiting:</p> <p>http://myweightlossdream.co.uk/weightlossbloggers/newsletter/</p> <p>Remember whether you are obese or not there is always huge scope to take on this fantastic industry!Below on the next page is an infographic where we share our top tips for those of you that are wanting to drive traffic to their weight loss blog.</p> <p>Print it off, share it, add it to your Pinterest account or share it with your friends. The sky is the limit in what you do with it!</p> <p>Then on the page after we have shared the infographic in written format so that you can print it or keep the ideas for future use.</p> <p>7 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Weight Loss Blog</p> <p>1. Write content more often</p> <p>Posting content on your weight loss blog regularly is one of the best ways to increase traffic. However, make sure you share valuable information and stories that your readers can relate to. </p> <p>2. Promote your content over a wider variety of platforms</p> <p>Don't limit yourself to Facebook and Twitter! Share your content on multiple online platforms, such as Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, and WordPress. </p> <p>3. Choose Your Topics Wisely</p> <p>Write on popular topics that are relevant to your readers. Dont be afraid to approach controversial topics such as high fat diets, and strength training for women. </p> <p>4. Take Interviews</p> <p>Contact local celebrities or fitness models and ask them to give you an interview. They can share their story, offer weight loss tips, and motivate your readers to eat healthy. </p> <p>5. Create product reviews</p> <p>If youve recently tried a new weight loss product, such as a diet pill or a fitness DVD, write about it! People are eager to find out more about the latest diet products. </p> <p>6. Make Videos</p> <p>Videos are more likely to go viral and drive traffic to your blog. Make short videos featuring diet tips or home exercises, share them online, and watch the traffic coming in. </p> <p>7. Post on weight loss forums</p> <p>Most dieters have joined weight loss forums at some point. As a blogger, you can join forums in your niche and offer meaningful answers to those who need help with their diet. </p> <p>The Benefits of Website Traffic</p> <p> More customers and sales</p> <p> Greater online exposure</p> <p> Better placement on search engines</p> <p> Increased credibility</p> <p> Increased brand awareness</p> <p> More money from blogging</p> <p> You can build a mailing list quicker</p> <p> Better authority in your niche</p> <p>10 Free WordPress Plugins for Measuring Traffic</p> <p> WordPress Jetpack</p> <p> WordPress Stats</p> <p> WassUp Real Time Analytics</p> <p> StatPress Reloaded</p> <p> WP Slimstat</p> <p> WP Statistics</p> <p> Google Analyticator</p> <p> Analytics360</p> <p> Blog Stats by W3Counter</p> <p> Google Analytics for WordPress</p> <p>This Is An Extract From.This Infographic is an extract from our blog post:A Super Simple Way To Double Your Traffic In 2014Click here to read it..</p> <p>And it makes fantastic further reading, especially if you are exploring the different ways that you are going to be bringing in traffic into your website and not sure what will work the best.I remember doing our first income report in January 2014 and having less than 25,000 unique visitors over a month and STILL earning $185 from the site. Not exactly six figures but it proves you can build traffic to your website and then improve on it.We also share many more of our infographics on our Pinterest account and if you are a member of Pinterest we recommend you follow us.</p> <p>Thanks again for reading and best of luck with your own weight loss blog and here is to your success-</p> <p>Samantha &amp; Dominic Milner</p> <p>MyWeightLossDream.co.uk/WeightLossBloggers</p>