8 ideas to travel fit and avoid weight gain

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Travel fit and stay healthy with these 8 tips to eat healthy and avoid weight gain while traveling


  • 1. 8 Weight Loss ideas when you are traveling

2. 1. Stay away from the minibar It's an interesting phenomenon: Candy you don't even normally enjoy becomes extremely attractive when it's in a hotel mini bar. And an ice-cold soda sounds oh-so-tempting after a hot day in the sun. The mini bar is not a bar, it is a costly enemy of everything healthy. A better idea is to create your own minibar. Buy easy-to-eat-foods like yogurt, fruit, nuts and lunchmeat. Carefully replace all expensive liquors (return them when you leave or you pay!). Always choose your own items over the ones supplied by the hotel. 3. 2. Stay active at the Airport If you get to the airport early, resist the urge to immediately plop down into a chair at the gate or the comfortable airport lounge. Never underestimate the power of a walk! Crank up your MP3 player and lap around the perimeter of the airport. And even better, use one of the walking tracks that The American Heart Association has begun to install on various airports. Available (for free) at Dallas Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Minneapolis and various other airports (www.startwalkingnow.org). Every step you take is a move in the right direction toward burning calories. 4. 3. Get enough sleep Getting enough sleep is important in any weight loss program. When you do not sleep enough, hormonal changes take place in your body that lead to weight gain. The extra hours of awake time may also lead to unnecessary eating. If youre feeling sleepy during the day, you may be tempted to reach for a cup of coffee (or several cups) and a doughnut for a quick shot of energy. Later you may skip the gym and eat something fast. When you finally find yourself back in the hotel, you are too wound up to sleep. 5. 4. Make Cocktail Hour About Networking, Not Drinking Whether you're partaking in a conference's happy hour or sipping martinis with a business associate at a hotel bar, alcohol calories can add up quickly. Even worse, drinking too much will cloud your judgment when you order dinner (as well as when you're making business decisions). Remember, you're on business, not vacation, so drink as you would at home. Get one drink at the very beginning with lots of ice and nurse it all night. Or get a club soda with lime. Everybody will think it's vodka. 6. 5. Drink your water! Traveling means dehydrating. Flying, staying at the airport, waiting in a lobby. Everywhere you go, there is heavy air-conditioning. So even if you just want to avoid the typical travelers headache, drinking at least 8 glasses (2 litres) of water is very advisable. In addition, a lot of people confuse thirst for hunger. So they'll tend to eat rather than drink water. If you're craving a midday snack and want to make sure your pangs are caused by hunger, not hydration, have a glass of water first. Then see if you're still hungry 30 minutes later. 7. 6. Pack your airport food Pack more than your clothes. What you pack is what you eat and it is much less expensive than your regular airport muffins. So pack travel-friendly foods like snack packs of Tuna Salad and Crackers, beef jerky, and low-calorie meal- replacement bars, powders and ready-to-drink protein drinks. In addition, choose unsalted nuts and snacks to reduce bloating and dehydration. With these low calorie choices, youll be a happier and healthier (or at least less hungry) traveler this summer. 8. 7. Look for a nearby crossfit class With constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements, CrossFit is a training philosophy that coaches people of all shapes and sizes to improve their physical well-being and fitness in a hardcore yet accepting and encouraging environment. And the fun stuff is, you can do it anywhere in the world. GymAround has a great collection of premium clubs, many of them offering CrossFit classes or even specialized boxes. So next time you're in Bangkok, Brussel or Cape Town. Just look up the nearest CrossFit club. 9. 8. Find a healthy restaurant and return When you are in a foreign city, leave your hotel, ask for a healthy restaurant and check the menu first. If you have found a good restaurant, do not hesitate to return there the next day. Staff will recognize you, you will feel more comfortable and chances are you will eat more relaxed and make nourishing choices. Our favorite is the Happy Cow app that shows all vegetarian restaurants in the neighborhood. Always a good atmosphere and a healthy choice! 10. Visit GymAround.com and enjoy the best health clubs in town - worldwide. Exclusive and accesible for you!

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