aacr2 pt. 1, monographic description lis 532 - session 2

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AACR2 Pt. 1, Monographic Description LIS 532 - Session 2

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  • AACR2 Pt. 1, Monographic DescriptionLIS 532 - Session 2

  • *Standards in North AmericaMARCLCSHCSHSearsLCCDDCAACR2R (including ISBD)


  • *Anglo-American Cataloging RulesIs a description standardContains rules used for the construction of OPACsCovers the description and assignment of access points for all library materialsIncludes rules for the establishment of headings (i.e., personal, corporate, uniform titles, geographic) and references

  • *Access to AACR2Hard copies are available in Henderson HallElectronic ed. is available through Catalogers Desktop AACR2 Rules Interpretations from Library and Archives Canada http://www.collectionscanada.ca/6/18/s18-218-e.htmlLibrary of Congress Rules Interpretations (available from Catalogers Desktop)

  • *Contents of AACR2Introductory materialPart I. Description Part II. Headings, Uniform Titles, and ReferencesAppendices (capitalization, abbreviations, numerals, glossary, initial articles)Index

  • *PART I. Description 1 General Rules for Description 1-1 2 Books, Pamphlets, and Printed Sheets 2-1 3 Cartographic Materials 3-14 Manuscripts (incl.Manuscript Collections) 4-1 5 Music 5-16 Sound Recordings 6-17 Motion Pictures and Video recordings 7-18 Graphic Materials 8-19 Electronic Resources 9-110 Three-Dimensional Artefacts and Realia 10-111 Microforms 11-112 Continuing Resources 12-113 Analysis (description of parts) 13-1

  • *Ch. [0] and ch. 1General Introduction0.7 Options (alternative rules or optional additions)0.9 Cataloguers judgment0.14 ExamplesGeneral Rules for Description1.0A Sources of information1.0B Organization of the description1.0D Levels of description

  • *Organization of the Description 1.0BTitle and statement of responsibility Edition/versionMaterial (or type of publication) specific detailsPublication, distribution, etc.Physical descriptionSeriesNoteStandard number and terms of availability

  • *

    Edmonton, a history / by J. G. MacGregor. 2nd, rev. ed. Edmonton, Alta. : Hurtig, 1975. 340 p. : ill. ; 27cm. (McGraw-Hill series in history ; vol. 14) Includes index. ISBN 0888301006 (pbk.)

    Title proper (245)Stmt. of responsibility (245)Edition statement (250)Publication (260)Physical description (300)Series (490/830)General note (500)Standard number (020)

  • *Levels of description (1.0D1)Level 1Title properFirst statement of responsibilityEdition statementMaterial (or type of publication)First publisherDate of publication Extent of item : other physical detailsNotes Standard number

  • *Levels of description (1.0D2)Level 2Each subsequent statement of responsibilityFirst place of publication, Edition or version statement. Extent of item : other physical details ; dimensions Title proper of seriesISSN of seriesNumbering within the seriesTitle of subseries

  • *Levels of description (1.0D3)Level 3

    For the third level of description, include all elements set out in the following rules that are applicable to the item being described.

  • *Making Decisions about Level of DescriptionLevels of description may vary from item to item, collection to collection, and institution to institution. Base the choice of level of description on type of material, user needs, cataloging resources available, the purpose of the catalogue, and institutional goals

  • *Chapter 2. Books, Pamphlets, and Printed Sheets2.0A1 Scope The rules in this chapter cover the description of separately published monographic printed items other than cartographic items and printed music. These comprise books, pamphlets, and single sheets.

  • *What is a monographic description? A monograph is a bibliographic resource that is complete in one part or intended to be completed within a finite number of parts.

    Description refers to the identification and recording of the bibliographic elements of an item.

    Source: Appendix D

  • 2.0B Sources of Information2.0B1 The chief source of information for printed monographs is the title page or, if there is no title page, the source from within the publication that is used as a substitute for it.2.0B2 Contains prescribed sources for each element in the description. Enclose information taken from outside the prescribed source(s) in square brackets.


  • *

    Edmonton, a history / by J. G. MacGregor. 2nd, rev. ed. Edmonton, Alta. : Hurtig, 1975. 340 p. : ill. ; 27cm. (McGraw-Hill series in history ; vol. 14) Includes index. ISBN 0888301006 (pbk.)

    Title proper (245)Stmt. of responsibility (245)Edition statement (250)Publication (260)Physical description (300)Series (490/830)General note (500)Standard number (020)

  • *Title and Statement of Responsibility Area 1.1B1/2.1B1 Title properEdmonton, a history /

    1.0C Punctuation

    1.1F1/2.1F1 Statements of responsibilityby J.G. MacGregor.

  • *Edition Statement2.2B1/1.2B1 Transcribe a statement relating to an edition of a work that contains differnces from other editions of that work, or to a named reissue of a work, as instructed in 1.2B 2nd, rev. ed.

  • *Material Specific Details AreaGeneral materials designator not generally applicable to books

  • *Publication, Distribution, etc. Area1.4C1/2.4C1; 1.4C5 PlaceEdmonton :1.4D1/2.4D1 PublisherHurtig,1.4F1/2.4F1; 1.4F8 Date1975.

  • *Physical Description Area2.5B1 Number of volumes and/or pagination 340 p. :

    2.5C1; 2.5C2; 2.5C3 Illustrative matterill. ;2.5D1 Dimensions27 cm.

  • *Series Statement1.6B1/2.6B1 Title proper of series

    (McGraw-Hill series in history ; vol. 14)

    Note: Parentheses are NOT entered in MARC21. They are system-generated.

  • *Notes AreaSee 1.7 and 2.7

    2.7B18 Contents

    Includes index.

  • *Standard Number1.8B1/2.8B1 International Standard Book Number (ISBN)0070826927 (pbk.)Note: Standard numbers are generally entered in MARC21 fields 020, 022, 023.

  • *OXXControl information, identification and classification numbers, etc.02X Standard numbers AACR2, pt.11XXMain entriesAACR2, pt.22XX Titles; Publication AACR2, pt.13XX Physical description AACR2, pt.1490/830 Series statementsAACR2, pt.15XX NotesAACR2, pt.16XX Subject access fieldsLCSH, etc.7XX Added entries and linking fieldsAACR2, pt.2830 Series added entries, etc.AACR2, pt.29XXOther, including local

  • *MARC21 Coding020 bb $a 0888301006 (pbk.)245 10 $a Edmonton, a history / $b by J.G. MacGregor. 246 18 $a History of Edmonton 260 bb $a Edmonton, Alta : $b Hurtig, $c1975.300 bb $a 340 p. : $b ill. ; $c 27 cm.490 1b $a McGraw-Hill series in history ; $v vol. 14500 bb $a Includes index.830 b0 $a McGraw-Hill series in history.