ABI 007 shows antitumour activity in taxane-resistant breast cancer

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<ul><li><p>Inpharma 1391 - 14 Jun 2003</p><p> ABI 007* shows antitumour activity in women withbreast cancer resistant to taxane therapy, report US-based researchers. They reported the findings of thefirst 28 of 100 women enrolled in a phase II,metastatic breast cancer trial of ABI 007, a proprietary,cremophor-free, albumin-engineered nanoparticle ofpaclitaxel. Patients had shown ongoing growth of theirtumour, despite receiving either paclitaxel [Taxol]and/or docetaxel [Taxotere] therapy. Patients receivedweekly doses of ABI 007 at a dose of 100 mg/m2 over30 minutes, without prior steroid treatment. FollowingABI 007 treatment, a reduction in tumour size of 50% was seen in five of the 28 patients (18%)evaluated to date, with duration of response rangingfrom 6 months to over 10 months. Furthermore, sixpatients (21%) to date currently remain progression-free for over 8 months, with two patients remainingprogression-free for over 10 months; all six patientsremain in the study receiving weekly dosing of ABI007. Treatment was well tolerated. The study datawere presented at the 39th Annual Meeting of theAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology, held recentlyin Chicago, US.* American Pharmaceutical Partners; preregistration for breastcancer</p><p>American Pharmaceutical Partners Inc. American Pharmaceutical PartnersAnnounces Anti-Tumor Activity of ABI-007 In Breast Cancer PatientsResistant to Taxane Therapy. Media Release : 2 Jun 2003. Available from:URL: http://www.appdrugs.com 809021673</p><p>1</p><p>Inpharma 14 Jun 2003 No. 13911173-8324/10/1391-0001/$14.95 Adis 2010 Springer International Publishing AG. All rights reserved</p></li></ul>