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Sponsored by the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, its legacy for excellence endures,together with organisations and entrepreneurs that are propelling the emirate’s business,tourism and innovation spheres. ‘Best of Abu Dhabi’ aims to be a tribute to an age ofdiversified progress that sustainable growth and heightened development can cultivateacross sectors.For emerging nation states, regions and cities, branding is more relevant than ever.Vital for attracting allies, investment and visitors, those that fail to brand effectively getleft behind. Abu Dhabi has embraced this rationale in its key strategic planning and GVPis playing its part in assisting governments to create strong place brands with its ‘BestOf…’ book series that is being published in over 20 territories worldwide. This effectivepositioning in turn attracts business, foreign direct investment and visitors; as well asrecruiting the best and the brightest. Through this process, Abu Dhabi can gradually beginto wield the long term socio-political and economical influence that it merits.By creating sustainable infrastructure to represent a collective sum of its history, people,culture, services, and its leadership; Abu Dhabi is honing its global image based on positivevalues and perceptions in order to become itself a factor upon which to build a competitiveadvantage for the good of its people.Abu Dhabi’s remarkably sound socio-economic indicators forge a strong basis forsuch promotion. Coupled with the emirate’s heightened role as a catalyst for freshregional synergies and global opportunities, the need to showcase stories of successand sustainability in order to grasp a wider understanding of the enormous implicationsof change, is critical. Abu Dhabi’s achievements positioned in sector-specific chaptersrepresent a role model of progress for the region and the world


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