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"What Matters" is Activate's look at the ideas that companies at the intersection of media, technology and entertainment will use to grow their businesses.



2. OUR CLIENTS ARE EXPECTING A WATERSHED YEAR AND SO ARE WEMEDIA, TECHNOLOGY AND ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESSES ARE POISED FOR INNOVATION AND REINVENTIONTHERE HAS NEVER BEEN MORE OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTHHERE IS WHAT MATTERS I 3. THE App ERA25%page-based On the web BEgInSBeyond moBile devices, winning weB(yES, BEgInS) peOple are already experiences will Be app-like insteadspending mOre time On of page-Basedapp-like experiences than On page-based experiencesHtml5 is Here, But platform-native appsstill provide tHe Best user experienceand distriBution modeldriven By tHe app era, devices are Being75%redefined: game consoles, tvs, cars andappliances Become app environments app-like Source: Activate analysis of consumer time spent across top websites and comScore data 2 4. E-MoTE conTRolSmart voice, touch, geSture and perSonal SenSorS will combine to create new uSerexperienceS and new hitSmedia companieS will need to place the right betS on deviceS, formatS and platformS3 5. ApIs ARE BIZ dEv Technology companies already Take This for granTed and now media companies need To use apis To Turn Their properTies inTo plaTforms +++ + + + + many key feaTures of a greaT media business can now be easily assembled + ++++ +=$ $$$$$$$$$ $+ ++ +$$$$$$$ $$$$4 6. poWERoF plAcEWhere your user is right noW is as importantas Who they are and Where they liveany location can be a venue for a great mediaexperienceneW hits Will be programmed for geolocationin the same Way todays media program fortime slots5 7. 99SIMplIcITy SUBScRIpTIonIS THE nEWAmAzon And iTunes hAve reduced pAymenT fricTion so ThAT recurring revenue is possiblewiThouT subscripTionsconsumers hAve embrAced The 99 cenT price poinT And will spend The equivAlenTof A monThly subscripTion fee, one dollAr AT A TimeTrAdiTionAl subscripTions will sTill Thrive, pArTiculArly when combined wiTh A simpleAll-you-cAn-eAT model6 8. SocIAl SpRIngThe one-size-fiTs-all era of social neTworking is peakingiTs noT JUsT hUnDreDs of Millions of Users, iTs ThoUsanDs of people BanDing TogeTherTo forM Deep connecTions aroUnD shareD inTeresTs, conTenT anD proDUcTs 7 9. 6107pRIvAcy AS pAyMEnTConsumers will gravitate toward experienCes that provide transparenCy and Control,instead of experienCes that ColleCt and sell Consumers data behind their baCksexpeCt innovators to allow people to use their personal data as CurrenCy 8 10. InnovATE donT lEgISlATELaws that dont match the reaLity of how peopLe use media wiLL Be iGnoredcoLLaBoratinG with consumers can heLp media companies BuiLd compeLLinG new productsand reduce LeGaL entanGLements9 11. AngElS AMong USLikeLy changes to federaL Laws wiLL enabLe anyone to heLp fund a new business as easiLy asthey can make a purchase on amazoneXpect more competition from web scaLe crowd-funded startups 10 12. METRIcS MAyHEMTHE DASHBOARD REQUIRED TO RUN A MEDIA BUSINESS IS GETTING MORE COMPLEXINNOVATION IN THE MEDIA UNIVERSE WILL CONTINUE TO OUTPACE ADVERTISING METRICSMEDIA COMPANIES WILL NEED TO CREATE NEW ADVERTISING UNITS THAT ARE MEASURED IN REAL TIMEWITH MORE DATA FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES 11 13. REdEFInERS ARETHAn A THE lIABIlITySpEndIng MoREoF lEgAcyFREE FRoMITS ABoUT TIME, noT MonEyQUARTERThe biggesT innovaTions in media and Technology are being drivenby companies ThaT donT force Their producT processes To fiT inUnBURdEnEdThe schedule of board meeTings and earnings reporTsBy lEgAcygreaT consumer experiences Will be builT on design, user experience,conSTRAInTS Weeks Which require cycles of monThscommuniTy and audience developmenTand years, noT days andDistributionDeals 12 14. WE ARE AcTIvATEACTIVATE IS A SMART, FAST AND NIMBLE NEXT-GENERATION STRATEGY CONSULTING FIRMWE ARE A SPECIALIST TEAM OF MEDIA, TECHNOLOGY AND ENTERTAINMENT INNOVATORS WITHEXTENSIVE OPERATING AND BUSINESS BUILDING EXPERIENCEWE FOCUS EXCLUSIVELY ON HELPING OUR CLIENTS GROW REINVENTING THEIR COMPANIES ANDBUILDING NEW GROWTH BUSINESSESOUR APPROACH IS BASED ON A DEEP UNDERSTANDING OF HOW PEOPLE USE MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGYTODAYAND HOW CONTENT AND TECHNOLOGY CAN CREATE NEW EXPERIENCESWWW.ACTIVATE.COM 15. Strategy and technology conSultingCREATED BY Paul Ford t@FtraiNMichael J. WolfJoNNy moraNmMichael@activate.coM t@JoNNylmoraNMichele anderson christoPher morFmMichele@activate.coM t@chrismorFhiMesh Bhise lyle morgaNmhiMesh@activate.coM t@hiMeshBhise t@lylePayNeanil dashscott schwaitzbergmanil@activate.coM t@sJttocs February 2012 ActivateText CC BY - SAPlease remix and reuse this presentation by attributing and linking it to: