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  • Addiction Recovery Treatment

  • The Meaning of One Day At ATime

  • The time to be healed is now. There is no need to postpone the peace, prosperity and abundant life inaddiction recoverythat we all deserve. Enlightened people throughout the ages have understood this principle.

    The Lords Prayer says,Give us this day our daily bread.Not yesterdays and tomorrows breadbut todays.Today is the day of Salvation. Bill W. suggested that we live one day at a time,and that day is today! All life takes place in the present, this very moment. This moment is a gift, thats why it is called the present.

  • But how can we understand this spiritual principle and put it into action? Action that creates real change requires devotion, attention, and focusin the right direction. Here, well review some common mistakes people make in early recovery. Then, well talk about how you can apply a few simple suggestions into your One Day At A Time routine in order to change your life! Questions are welcomed at the end.

    Understanding The Present Moment

    When I wasgetting sober, I struggled with the one-day-at-a-time logic. It didnt strike me as very profound, because, after all, I had been literally existing one day at a time in active addiction. My life revolved around getting high, right now, today.

  • In early recovery I spent a lot of my day living in the past, worrying about past misdeeds and mentally revisiting the poor choices that I had made. What a waste of time. I realize now that I had developed and nurtured this fear based habit as a distraction. Even though the past was unpleasant and filled with error, at least I knew what happened. This was less stressful than living in the present or with the uncertainty of the future.

    I also spent countless hours daydreaming about what I wanted to do, own, or accomplish someday rather than taking daily action to turn my dreams into reality. Granted ,this was more productive than rehearsing the doubt and defeat of my past but it also was a waste of time. I did not yet understand the line in the serenity prayer,the courage to change the things I can.It meant the courage to take action right now. If I want a better future, I need to start building it today.



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