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2. INTRODUCTION GEOGRAPHY CLIMATE INTERESTING FACTS CULTURE PICTURE CONCLUSION BIBLIOGRAPHY 3. My country is U.A.E it is a big country. The population of U.A.E is 5.47 million. U.A.E has the biggest building in the world called burg Dubai. Abu Dhabi is the capitol city. I think this is going to be challenging I hope to learn a lot. 4. UAE is a country in the Middle East. UAE is surrounded with other countries and here they are. On the north we have Iran. 0n the west we have Qatar. On the east we have the Mediterranean sea. On the south east we have Oman. On the south we have Saudi Arabia. U.A.E has 7 emirates like Dubai Abu Dhabi and more. 5. U.A.E is a desert and that means its hot. The temperature can go very high. In the summer it can arrive to 50c,very hot. There is no average winter temperature. It doesnt rain usually in U.A.E. In U.A.E the average winter temperature is 40c. 6. Did you know U.A.E has the one of the best new year fireworks. Did you know mission impossible 4 was filmed in U.A.E. Did you know U.A.E has a 7 star hotel. 7. U.A.E is normal, it has special stuff and normal stuff. U.A.E has been doing pottery for 4,000 years and maybe more. Whats normal is they have McDonalds, KFC, and barbecue. They have street music which is also common in other countries. Whats different is Camel racing, and eagle training. 8. U.A.E has the biggest building ever and it has a lot of money. Once in 2012 U.A.E got 23.5 billion dollars. They got 45.61 million dollars per man hour in 2009 . U.A.E imports a lot of oil. 9. U.A.E is a spectacular country. It has nice weather and amazing places, such as Dubai mall. I learned that U.A.E is very important to the world. I would like to now U.A.E how got famous but I think I have learned enough. 10. mb/c/cb/Flag_of_the_United_Arab_Emirates.svg/500pxFlag_of_the_United_Arab_Emirates.svg.png mb/0/0b/Nuvola_UAE_flag.svg/500pxNuvola_UAE_flag.svg.png UNITED ARAB EMERATES BY: David. C King 1997 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES BY: Antonia D. Bryan 2009